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Twitter Web App : Airbnb's customer service is roughly the same quality as having a very drunk person help you tie your shoes.

Twitter Web App : You ever feel like your life has constricted to one or two options and those suck and it feels inevitable and on some downward slope to whatever. And then you climb a hill and look at all the houses below. And you are like "well shit, all those people figured something out."

Twitter Web App : You ever feel that weight that on you? Pushing you down. And you are lying down under it. And weirdly it has become comfortable. Like a heavy blanket. Like numb. Because you aren't pushing back. Because it's easier. You ever decided to push back?

Twitter Web App : No one is protecting you from the spiders. They are everywhere. I can protect you. I alone.

Twitter Web App : The mussels like me. They thank me. They say "Why do you put up with the clams?" I like mussels. Big mussels. The clams are lucky I don't get mussels. But I like clams if THEY KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT.

Twitter Web App : Clams are sending me messages right now. They are saying that I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT... I didn't read the rest. But I thank them for their support. ONLY I can help the CLAMS. 80% of CLAMS are 90% of CLAMS now. I DID THAT.

Twitter Web App : I NEVER said that I hate clams or that they are stupid. NEVER. I've done more for clams than anyone. Clams are better off than ever in history. My cat will vouch for me: (she meowed.) Whoever said it is failing at something. I would only have MEGA strokes. #clams

Twitter Web App : Marko have you ever tried to space out the word "unconstitutional" on the side of an amazon delivery box?

Twitter Web App : The penis: mightier than the S-word. <-- that is the power of the pen (and punctuation)

Twitter Web App : the skill level to pull a trigger is far less than what is required to write a legible sentence on a big piece of cardboard with markers.