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Bio I believe in freedom, equal opportunity, and fiscal responsibility. Polite debate/conversation is preferred... Oh and love whiskey 🥃 .. cheers!
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iPhone : Calgary Guy Justin Trudeau Because Trudeaus Liberals dont care about stopping violent gun crime. They care about gaining support from the ignorant by creating easy OIC’s that do nothing but vilify and punish legal sport shooters in an attempt to make it appear as if they are doing something virtuous.

iPhone : Sarah Fischer Liberal Party As the iron lady famously said “sooner or later you run out of other peoples money”.

Unfortunately with the “today” generation it doesn’t seem they are interested in preparing for later until it’s TOO late.. as Conservatives, how do we get through to them?

iPhone : Sean Fraser Ive watched question period. You Liberals wont debate topics surrounding the “real” issues despite the oppositions every attempt to get you to do so.

iPhone : VictoriaL59 Coca-Cola Haha as soon as he can ride a bike 😜

Family is doing great. Just seems I don’t have the time to delve into the political realm like I used to.

Adam is growing so fast

iPhone : VictoriaL59 Ive been off for a while. Busy with the family. Kind of been nice being ignorant to our political cesspool.
A few things I heard past few days was Coca-Cola hates white people. Disney fired a conservative actress. And Trudeau is still a failure..
i might just go back to my hole.

iPhone : Gerald Butts Is this a joke? Peoples lives are altered in terrible ways, and we have have administered so few vaccines we are rated something like 40th in the world despite being a G7 nation!

iPhone : @GwenGoodham There are ways to be supportive of the CPC and still be critical of their decisions.. its called being an involved member. Throwing your arms up in the air and leaving for an ideological hole that leads to nowhere does not help the conservative movement.