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iPhone : At a certain point in the grift, people realize that giving any further oxygen to the grifter simply enables them, at which point the grifter has to say increasingly awful things to get attention. But we don’t have to indulge them.

iPhone : Kind of amazing that the writers decided that this season, it should be conservatives who end up desperately trying to explain to people why it’s important that Bleemer unmasked Gorpman, and all before lunchtime. Didn’t really see that twist coming

Twitter Web App : The job losses in the swing states are utterly shocking, according to new BLS data. From March to April, more than 1 million jobs lost in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. More than 800K in Ohio. More than 500K in North Carolina.

New piece, with chart:…

iPhone : If you were looking to minimize whatever political damage might be inflicted by Biden’s remarks, you would rush out all the conservative pundits who said Obama wasn’t really black for eight years to pretend to be offended so they could remind everyone who Biden’s opposition is.

iPhone : It’s also hard to see how this moves black votes but it is easy to see how it fuels a white resentment narrative that black voters are insufficiently grateful for all that’s been done for them.

iPhone : Between the unemployment, the disproportionate impact of COVID, the near-total abdication of civil rights enforcement, the demonization of black people as a racial wedge strategy, and explicit efforts at disenfranchisement, the Trump admin stands out as exceptionally bad.

Twitter Web App : The amazing thing is not just that it's so common to hear conservative Jews deploy such essentializing language, but that they do so while representing clear minority of American Jewish opinion.

Twitter Web App : "You're a self hating Jew or not really Jewish if you're liberal" is such a dominant ideological view on the Jewish right that the president himself has expressed similar sentiments.…

iPhone : Corey Richardson You’re right that sharing power in a diverse coalition is the most effective deterrent to bigotry, but part of that process is reminding your coalition partners when they get out of pocket.