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Twitter Web App : "She also is a Rhodes scholar," Trump's Kayleigh McEnany says of Amy Coney Barrett, who did not receive a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford, but instead received her BA from Rhodes College in Tennessee.

Twitter Web App : Stay and fight! Talk to Russians and Ukrainians about how many freedoms and opportunities we have left to reclaim our democracy.…

Twitter Web App : .Dr. Jennifer Berdahl gave an interview to HuffPost about how she left the US after George W. Bush and the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election, yet, she points out, the rest of us can't leave because someone's gotta stay and fix America.…

Twitter Web App : This is absolute bullshit and you know it.

Maybe this is why Texas has the worst uninsured rate in the country. Instead of facing problems and fixing them, you dodge and deny them.

I will fight to protect our health care. John Cornyn won't.…

Android : GaslitNation I'm writing to family and friends who can vote in swing states and may be swayed away from Trump + enablers (and even better, toward Biden). If we try to heal wounds and provide a path back to sanity for loved ones tempted by Trump, we can help unite the nation!…