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Bio More than a theatre company. Artists fighting dictatorship. Currently reporting live from :📍Minsk, Belarus #StandWithBelarus
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iPhone : Magnitsky Human Rights Award winner ⁦Belarus Free Theatre⁩ Natalia Kaliada calls for Magnitsky sanctions against Lukashenko officials at the EU Magnitsky sanctions discussion. The level of violence by the Belarus regime she’s describing is unbelievable.

iPhone : A very useful webinar on “Danger of working as journalists on post-soviet space in 2021” which will include speakers throughout the CIS and discuss fundamental topics of current professional risks and working in dangerous circumstances.…

iPhone : .Belarus Free Theatre has fought for social justice & rights protections in Belarus since long before it was fashionable. They’ve just picked up the Courage Under Fire award at #MagnitskyAwards - and Natalia Kaliada used her acceptance speech to speak of ongoing torture & detentions.

iPhone : #Belarus: Richly deserved #Magnitsky Award for our phenomenal colleagues Belarus Free Theatre!

Natalia dedicates their award to all who have died to #FreeBelarus & makes strong call on the intl community to step up & meet the courage of #Belarusian protesters.

EU sanctions now!…

iPhone : We are very grateful to announce that Belarus Free Theatre is this year’s recipient of the Courage Under Fire Magnitsky Award. It is a very important award for us and the whole of #Belarus, we are waiting with hope for the imposition of EU Magnitsky Act sanctioning Lukashenko’s regime.

iPhone : Gathered elderly have reached their final destination at the Square of Yakub Kolas, a renowned Belarusian poet and a novelist and sang the Belarusian version of #Mury which used to be the hymn of polish movement Solidarity. #Belarus

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iPhone : The first column of elderly has gathered together in #Minsk and starter their walk across the city. We are praying that they won’t be harmed today by the militia. #Belarus

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iPhone : Yesterday, those arrested who spoke Belarusian language, instead of Russian were marked with paint “9-12”, so that the riot police will beat them up extra hard. This is reminiscent of Belarusian past during WWII and Nazi occupation, this is a terror against the people of #Belarus…

iPhone : ❗️❗️❗️#WARNING Riot police has stormed a grocery store and is brutally beating up and detaining customers. The lawlessness of this regime is unprecedented. please share for the world to know. #Minsk #Belarus

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iPhone : With hundreds of arrested and numerous injured today, as always Belarusian people showed their courage and resilience. The regime might destroy our flags and memorials, they might jail as many of us as they physically can, but more people will come and take our places. #Belarus

iPhone : The amount of arrested is so vast that people have to queue outside of busses and paddy wagons to be taken to jail. #Belarus

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iPhone : The riot police arrested everyone and now is trashing the memorial, putting flowers in garbage bins, ripping apart the tents and stomping over posters and flags. They are trying to destroy the memory of Roman but he is already in our heart, not at the memorial. #Belarus

iPhone : The ratio of fully armed riot policemen to defenceless protectors of the monorail are about 10-1. Everyone is being detained, some people are beaten up. As some of us are enjoying a sunny Sunday, people in #Belarus are going through horrors of dictatorial terror.

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iPhone : ❗️❗️❗️People are surrounded and one by one are forcibly pulled from the human chained to paddy wagons, starting with the weakest people - elderly, children and women. #Belarus

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iPhone : The internet in the area is switched off and the riot police is preparing for a full “clean up” of the people surrounding the memorial. The atmosphere on the ground is increasingly scary, the riot police wont’ stop at anything. #Belarus

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