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iPhone : ‘We can't erase outdated TV shows, but we can hold their views to account. [They] are not only our own history as a broadcaster, they are part of the social history of our country.’ Channel 4 sets out its archive policy for shows on All 4.…

iPhone : Nominated for Current Affairs at the 2020 #VirginMediaBAFTAs 👏🌍
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📺 The Hunt for Jihadi John
📺 Is Labour Anti-Semitic? (Panorama)
📺 Undercover: Inside Chinas Digital Gulag (Exposure)

Twitter Media Studio : “I can’t breathe, I’m lying on my side because it makes it easier for me to breathe.”

In April we met medical student Ahmed who had Covid-19 symptoms. This is what coronavirus looks like.

Watch What’s It Like To Catch Coronavirus on All 4:…

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Twitter Media Studio : As lockdown starts to lift in the UK, millions of South Koreans are reaping the benefits of their government’s strategy for beating coronavirus.

So what did they do right?

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Twitter Media Studio : “This disease is disproportionately affecting black and brown people.”

82-year-old Des is in isolation after Covid-19 killed several of his friends. As lockdown lifts, he is at home, waiting until it is safe to go outside.

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Twitter Web App : If Britain had locked down a week earlier, around 8,000 hospital deaths up to the end of April could have been avoided, #Dispatches has found. THREAD 1/

Twitter Web App : Britain's Coronavirus Catastrophe: Did The Government Get It Wrong? STREAM NOW on All 4……

Twitter Web App : The government has denied herd immunity was ever a strategy. No one from the government agreed to be interviewed but they told us: 3/

Twitter Web App : We’ve learned that on the 13th of March Boris Johnson called the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Conte recounted the call to one of his health ministers, Pierpaolo Sileri. He told us: 2/

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Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson told Italy’s Prime Minister he ‘wanted herd immunity’, #Dispatches has learnt. The government denies herd immunity was ever a strategy. THREAD 1/

Twitter Media Studio : Delays at the heart of government may have risked thousands of lives, #Dispatches can reveal.

Scientists advising the government warned nearly a month before lockdown that as many as 500,000 people may lose their lives if the virus spread unchecked across the country.

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Twitter Web App : And a lockdown on the 12th of March, four days earlier could have prevented around 13,000 hospital deaths by the end of April. 4/

Twitter Web App : Batchelor’s figures show that if Britain had locked down on March the 16th. A week before the decision was actually taken, more than a third of hospital deaths by the end of April could have been avoided. That's around 8,000 lives. 3/

Twitter Web App : Britains official Covid-19 death toll stands at nearly 40,000. But how many lives could have been saved if lockdown came earlier? We asked a Leading Health Analyst, George Batchelor, to work out the figures. He said: 2/

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