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Buffer : The Trump Administration took a step on Friday to severely weaken state regulation of pesticides, taking away a tool that state regulatory officials say helps protect farmworkers and the environment. InvestigateMidwest

Buffer : Seems like a good way to start this week. Key insight: "I have come to think of November, National Native American Heritage Month, as the Moon of Explaining Indians to White People." - 'This Thanksgiving, Try Something New: Decolonize Your Mind' -…

Buffer : "The government should close indoor dining and drinking to slow infection rates. It should also give bar and restaurant owners money to keep paying their staff and cover losses." Slate

Buffer : As calls for reparations continue, multiple efforts are afoot to begin to help Black farmers gain access to land and rebuild stolen wealth and labor.

Buffer : Regenerative practitioners say that healthy soil eventually leads to reducing synthetic chemicals. But some advocates say those chemicals have damaging effects and should be addressed.

Buffer : As many as 1 in 12 cases of COIV-19 through late July can be tied to to outbreaks at meatpacking plants and subsequent spread in surrounding communities.

Buffer : It shouldn't be about politics but this is the reality of living as a progressive in a red county (in a blue state). STILL. Great reporting by Jenny Splitter @civileats…

Buffer : "A decade after writing a book about #agriculture's connection to #ClimateChange, Anna Lappé interviews the author of a new study that confirms we can’t bring down #emissions without addressing the #FoodSystem." | Civil Eats… #food-#footprint #ClimateAction

Twitter Web App : Regenerative turkeys — are they possible? Most of the folks I spoke to this piece say yes. But whether or not they'll be within reach for people who want a 15-pounder on Thanksgiving is another question entirely. #regenerativeagriculture…

Buffer : “It’s not that they can’t offer their current menu. They have to add some additional healthy components—and they have five years to do that.”

Buffer : “We’re inching along. I think it’s going to be in more demand as people get back closer to where their food comes from.” - Heidi Dieste, Diestel Family Ranch

Buffer : Turkey farmers are getting on the regenerative bandwagon. But experts say the birds must be part of a larger regenerative farming system to warrant the term. Twilight Greenaway reports on a ‘regenerative’ Thanksgiving turkey

Buffer : Left to fend for themselves as the coronavirus spread and New Yorkers lost their jobs en masse, undocumented immigrants turned to one of the few options left: selling food on the street. The New York Times

Buffer : “#COVID19 has not only exacerbated food insecurity in Detroit. It also spotlights the role of school districts in meeting essential human needs,” via Civil Eats:

Buffer : “Every time I see those numbers when we're doing our payouts… I think of it as power money and system changing money.” Scalawag