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iPhone : If you still believe that BLM & anti-fascist activists were behind the VERY coordinated looting & riots which broke out over the summer, that the President just so happens to be taking advantage of as his reelection platform, then I dont even know what to say at this point.

Twitter Web App : There are 2 parties to choose from in our corporate idiocracy. Neither is perfect. But only one is guilty of criminal negligent homicide on a massive scale, and probably, treason. Red is dead. Do blue instead. #BidenHarris

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Twitter for Mac : ‘Take a Moment for Mind’ is an incredible initiative between Ray Burmiston and Mind) 's Twitter Profile">Mind. A virtual exhibition where everyone can upload their own eyes closed selfie raising funds & awareness for @mindcharity. takeamoment.uk @takeamoment2020

iPhone : Amazon will be streaming Sacha Baron Cohens Borat 2 featuring Rudy Giuliani for free on Prime on Friday. Amazon will stream Borat 2 for free on Friday. Amazon will stream Borat 2 this Friday. Amazon Borat 2 stream Friday. Amazon Borat Friday.

I’m excited.

Twitter Web App : Glasses on- it’s time to get down to business. TODAY @ 5pm EST I am talking w/ Chuck Schumer) 's Twitter Profile">Chuck Schumer via Livestream about #WhatsAtStake for America’s health care & fighting the SCOTUS nomination process from the Republicans. You can watch us on Chuck Schumer) 's Twitter Profile">Chuck Schumer FB, TW, or Youtube.

Twitter Media Studio : Sonnet 154. The final one. Heres to everyone who has been so kindly watching and listening to these sonnets. We never expected anything like this and we appreciate it enormously. Thank you! #ASonnetADay

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iPhone : If you can’t bear to watch, that’s okay.
But please support @aldf in its lawsuit to get Dick Van Dam Dairy shut down.
This exceptionally savage factory farm should not be in operation.
Join us at: aldf.org/investigation twitter.com/ALDF/status/13…

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iPhone : Tonight at 6pm ET Ill be joining @LatinoVictoryUS in supporting Christina Hale who is running to become the #FirstLatina ever elected to Congress from Indiana!

This race is a TOSS-UP. If we all pitch in, Christina can win and FLIP this seat 🔥🔥🔥

RSVP here:

iPhone : To anyone considering sitting this election out, look at this image. Then make a plan to vote. Youre an inspiration to all of us, Brian — and were all behind you in this fight. twitter.com/bsw5020/status…

Falcon Social Media Management : CBP shouldnt be able to bury the evidence of its own abuses. aclu.org/news/immigrant…

TweetDeck : ⚡️ “Horror Icons Jamie Lee Curtis & Neve Campbell on Being Scream Queens” twitter.com/i/events/13190…

iPhone : 9 days left to fight like you’ve never fought before. Don’t just #VOTE ; make calls to friends and family, phone bank, donate and do whatever else you can do so that you never have to say “I wish I had done more.” pic.twitter.com/9gSR7mJyuE

Instagram : Today’s vibe - The smell of sweet grass filled my car this morning. Drove to pictou, parked on the waterfront... just cause ... #selfcare #mikmaq @ Pictou, Nova Scotia instagram.com/p/CGsGrQhJ4f9F…

iPhone : Doctors pay me to write 5-star reviews for them on Zocdoc. I copy and paste the same review on every doctors page, and the money just rolls in 😎. Dr. _____ was knowledgeable, attentive, and professional. Excellent experience.

Twitter Web App : No VOTER SUPPRESSION can stop me from voting. This election is too important to stay home. #COVID-19, #Obamacare, #environmentaljustice, #racialjustice, #ClimateJustice, #economicjustice, #criminaljustice, #GeorgeFloyd, #BlackLivesMatter are all on the ballot. So VOTE. VOTE!

Twitter Web App : David Fincher Wanted ‘Mank’ to Look Like It Was Found in Scorsese’s Basement Waiting to Be Restored indiewire.com/2020/10/david-… via @indiewire

iPhone : We live in the home of the brave, where countless sacrificed for democracy, and this child thinks we are worried about never working for a bunch of cowards? You really think we aren’t just beginning? Pathetic. twitter.com/madrid_mike/st…

iPhone : I am turning 38 on Thursday and all I want is for trans people to get all the love and money. If you’re a trans person drop your Venmo or cashapp and if you’re a cis person give some $$. People need health care, housing, food and beautiful things.

iPhone : 2012: In Harris v. Millennium Hotel, Lambda Legal challenged Alaskas exclusion of same-sex couples from survivor benefits on behalf of Deborah Harris (pictured), whose partner was shot dead by a disgruntled former employee.

iPhone : Today was spent outdoors. Meet my handsome great nephews. Took the older one to play ❤️💕❤️💕 daughter and I went for a 5k walk. I’m ready for bed now. Too much fresh air lol 😁

iPhone : Tom Cotton Absolutely repulsive. The shit you and the GOP pulled the last four years and especially with the Supreme Court will not be forgotten and I do not mean that in a good way

iPhone : Find out why a decline in migratory fish could threaten livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people and what we can do about it: wwf.panda.org/our_work/our_f…

Twitter Web App : Today, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said, “We are not going to get control of the pandemic.” The Trump administration would rather let tens of thousands of Americans unnecessarily die than listen to scientists and create a national plan. They must be defeated.

Twitter Web App : We hold so much power when we come together and organize.

You can be apart of the youth movement that is changing American politics forever. Join us -> smvmt.org/gotvforce twitter.com/_dotgov/status…

Twitter Web App : Not giving workers paid time off to vote is a form of #VoterSuppression. Other major employers have already done this. Amazon can definitely afford it. #ShutDownAmazon twitter.com/AMZNforClimate…

Twitter Web App : This moment has so many echoes of the Reconstruction Era, including massive voter turnout and the possibility of electing Black officials to the Senate at a rate not seen before. There have only ever been 10 Black US senators in the history of the US. 1/

Twitter Media Studio : Watch my conversation with Curly Velasquez on BFPeroLike: we chatted about parents’ immigration stories, the values we share, the power of the Latino vote in this election, and—of course—pupusas.

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Twitter Web App : It would demonstrate significant progress for both US and Canadian governments to renounce the Doctrine of Discovery & for Episcopal and Catholic Churches to recant their teachings regarding the savage status of indigenous peoples which provided the foundation for the doctrine. twitter.com/Terrilltf/stat…

SocialFlow : Some true believers appear to be coronavirus truthers, while less diehard enthusiasts are using Bigfoot as a symbol of social distancing


iPhone : On top of being bullshit, how did this ass get elected after his crocodile tear break down in the House over his own atrocious behaviour avoiding questions in the Commons. twitter.com/richard680news…

Sprout Social : During the pandemic, Filipino pop-ups arent just surviving—theyre thriving.

iPhone : Omg Im dead😂 #60MinutesInterview

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iPhone : Treaty lobster, the best kind

Available roadside in Unama’ki and hopefully lotsa other places soon


#MikmaqRights twitter.com/arnalllabrador…

Sprout Social : Take a moment for self-care 🌱
If youre in crisis, reach out to us 24/7 at: 866.488.7386 or text/chat at: thetrevorproject.org/help 📲
🎨 art by harmony-is-happiness.tumblr.com 🎨
#lgbtq #trans

Twitter Web App : Please join me, Dr. David Suzuki, and the women in the film for a screening of Theres Something in The Water, followed by a moderated discussion. Wed. Oct. 21/7 PM AST/Zoom online platform.

Twitter Web App : A survey on sexual harassment and violence in the workplace (Morning File) halifaxexaminer.ca/featured/a-sur… by Suzanne Rent

iPhone : Marquita Bradshaw doesnt have corporate donors or dark money Super PACs. Shes got you.

Working- and middle-class voters. Small-dollar donors. A grassroots campaign.

This is how you win a U.S. Senate race. #BradshawVoter


TweetDeck : Sally Hubbard, director of enforcement strategy with the Open Markets Institute, says that a recently filed antitrust lawsuit against Google could help to rein in monopolies that are ruling our economy.


Hootsuite Inc. : Canada must hold firm on the Clean Fuel Standard and not succumb to the campaign to kill a needed climate regulation #cdnpoli #ClimateSolutions ow.ly/fspC50C0hrI

Twitter Web App : I heard Pam Palmater speak earlier this year, and a quote comes to mind in this context:

Theres no such thing as incremental justice. You either have justice or your dont.

Twitter Media Studio : The forces of hate don’t understand that hope is stronger than any building.

And a community that has hope will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Thank you, Florence. You give me hope.

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Twitter Web App : Too often, individuals experiencing a mental health crisis are entangled in our justice system, rather than connected to care. Last week, I introduced legislation to enable mental health professionals to be first on the scene when 911 is called for a mental health emergency.

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Buffer : Eskasoni fisherman plans to fight fishery charges against him buff.ly/3dWKbpm

#kukukwesnews, #indigenousnews, #indigenous, #mikmaq, #treatyrights, #indigenousrights, #novascotia, #lobsterfishing

iPhone : I don’t think a person’s age matters. If they have knowledge and experience on the things they’re speaking on then it should be heard. Stop discrediting information because you use age as a credential.

Twitter Web App : Head here to grab your tickets today, u’ll be able to ask us all the questions and get a signed copy of the book so u don’t wanna miss it 💃🏼 #LittleMissLC eventbrite.com/e/live-stream-…

iPhone : Hey lads we’d love ye to vote for Dating Amber for best film! In the company of other class films but vote for us because we gave you the girlpool montage, the big gay wall and Fionn OShea in short shorts X ❤️🌈 twitter.com/PinkNews/statu…

Justice for Abdirahman Abdi!
Nathan Philips Square
100 Queen Street West
Wear a Mask/bring PPE!
Social distancing planning in effect.

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iPhone : If you live in:

Your voter registration deadline for the November elections is this Monday, October 5th.

DON’T WAIT! Get #RegisteredandReady: weall.vote/register

iPhone : .Karine Jean-Pierre, @kamalaharris Chief of Staff, is right: Democrats are on offense in Georgia. We have the power to flip Georgia blue if we make our voices heard. Make your voting plan today: iwillvote.com. #gapol

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Twitter for iPad : If we want to see a more peaceful world, we have to learn to collaborate. Young people shouldn’t follow previous patterns of behaviour. New conditions, like our interdependent, globalised world, require new ideas. Dividing people into ‘us’ and ‘them’ is out of date.