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Twitter Web App : Saman Nematollahi Peter Chin-Hong MD Brian Schwartz Bridget OBrien Rob Cooney, MD, MEd Rob Rogers, M.D. 🎤🎧 Sharmin Shekarchian Shreya P. Trivedi MD Rebecca Jaffe, MD Paul Williams Avraham Z. Cooper, MD Thanks for the thoughts, Saman! It's a good point. There are skills to building psychological safety, and that is the foundation to facilitate growth-based teaching and learning. Meaning, people feel comfortable getting in their stretch zone.

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Twitter Web App : 13/ Okay friends! Here is our roadmap (as of today) for the next few months of content. We hope you will join us on this educational adventure!

Next week, Jennifer Spicer, MD, MPH will really get this party started by getting us up to speed on Rapport & Inclusion.

Twitter Web App : 12/ Many of you pointed out how hard it is to carve out the time for this, which is certainly a common dilemma. The work v. learning conundrum is universal, and we hope to dialogue with you all about potential strategies.

Twitter Web App : 11/ “Didactic Teaching > 5 mins” is a category of skills that is near and dear to our hearts. However, these are the most advanced, and arguably the least important tools in a clinical teacher’s toolbox.

Twitter Web App : 10/ Once your team is up and running, next is delivering content to your team, especially while you all are on-the-move.

These are the most used tools in the clinical setting given the fast pace.

There’s a lot to unpack, so we will spend some solid time here.

Twitter Web App : 9/ Have you read this article? If not, and you are a part of clinical teams, you should look this up! There is one key ingredient to good teams...psychological safety!

Our foundational skills will give you tools to help you achieve this.

Twitter Web App : 8/ We are first going to discuss the foundational skills of clinical teaching, all of which set the stage for psychological safety on a team.

H/T to @DxRXEdu & Gurpreet Dhaliwal for their J Hospital Medicine paper…”No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Twitter Web App : 7/ We also want to acknowledge the major themes gleaned from our questions and polls from last week. These are topics we will make sure to touch on as we work our way through the material.

Twitter Web App : 6/ Speaking of feedback, what do you all think about the #HierarchyOfTeachingSkills?

If there are things you would change, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

Twitter Web App : 5/ And, without further ado…

The #MedEdTwagTeam #HierarchyOfTeachingSkills!

This will be the basis for our Tweetorials for this entire series.

Please, take some time.
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Let us know what you think!
We WANT feedback.
We are very open to making alterations.

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Twitter Web App : 3/ It is our hope, over these next weeks and months, to give you the tools to THRIVE as a clinician educator in each of these new roles.

Twitter Web App : 2/ This is a super special time of year! A time of transitions.

Pre-Clinical Student ➡️ Clerkships
Clerkships ➡️ Acting Interns
Student ➡️ Intern
Intern ➡️ Resident
Resident ➡️ Fellow?
Resident/Fellow ➡️ Faculty

All of these new roles bring new teaching opportunities!

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