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iPhone : Clip: Travel Decor in Your Home?
Nicolette Orlemans joins us to play her card game Travel Banter, and Adam talks about his...armadillo
Join our #DinnerPartyChallenge and share your answers below. -Zanne with Nicolette Orlemans Adam Asher
#TravelBanter #CultureTrav #WanderToTheEdge

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iPhone : Had the best window seat views when I left Las Vegas last time. Its one of my top 5 now 🤗 Not to mention I could see my daughters house and where she works 💙 Im really missing travel today ☹️

Share your favorite #WindowSeatWednesday #WingshotWednesday

iPhone : I love the serenity of a mountain.
I love the calmness of the ocean waves
I love the stillness of being in the middle of a desert.

It’s so hard to pick a favourite place, but if you had to pick 1, which 1 would it be and why? #TravelTuesday