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Twitter Web App : The Trump campaign’s closing message: “We’re not going to control the pandemic.”

We’re the United States of America. We can beat COVID-19—with Joe Biden as our president. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

Twitter Web App : Its an understatement to say Im excited to vote this year.

In many states, you can vote before November 3.

Today, on #VoteEarlyDay, find out what your options are at VoteEarlyDay.org.

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow is the first-ever @VoteEarlyDay.

Its a great time to go vote early, return your mail-in ballot, or make a plan for how youll vote as early as you can.

Go to VoteEarlyDay.org to learn about the options in your state, and tell a friend. #VoteEarlyDay

Twitter Web App : I so enjoyed the funny and heartfelt talk I had with Patton Oswalt about how he broke out of grief world.

Find the full conversation on this weeks episode of #YouAndMeBoth.


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Twitter Web App : Women's rights used to be a key framework for America's foreign policy. They can be again. passblue.com/2020/10/14/wom…

Twitter Web App : In the face of poll worker shortages, young women are stepping up to help administer fair elections. (You can still join them through @powerthepolls.)

Twitter Web App : "The Trump Administration’s faltering response to the coronavirus pandemic has led to anywhere between 130,000 and 210,000 deaths in the United States that could have been prevented," disaster preparedness experts say.


Twitter Web App : Millions of Americans are suffering during this pandemic.

Rather than lift a finger to help them, Senate Republicans are spending the last 12 days before the election on an illegitimate process to seat a Supreme Court justice—so that justice can help take away your health care.

Twitter Web App : 🎉 Today, we are proud to announce Care in Action’s endorsement of 4 incredible women running for Michigan’s State House this November. Follow them then DM us to make a plan to vote!

Twitter Web App : Over 35 million Americans have already voted. And they’ve made it clear: they want to choose the next president, and they want the next president to choose the next Supreme Court Justice. No confirmation until inauguration. #BlockBarrett #LetThePeopleDecide

Twitter Web App : In a newly released questionnaire, Amy Coney Barrett again failed to say the Supreme Court decision that protects access to birth control was right.

Here’s what past nominees have said:

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