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Android : Another example of our New Cold War with China and why one of my last things in Congress was to join a bipartisan effort with Rep. Vicente Gonzalez and Lance Gooden to reduce America's dependence on China for rare earth minerals used in technology manufacturing. #RareAct. twitter.com/WSJopinion/sta…

Android : Responses like this are a necessary deterrent and remind #Iran, its proxies, and our adversaries around the world that attacks on U.S. interests will not be tolerated. I thank President Biden and our service members for protecting Americans overseas. kxan.com/news/us-carrie…

Android : Yemen is one of the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world right now because of the Govt of IRAN. I hope this move isn't a signal that the Biden Administration is going to treat the Govt. of Iran like a victim rather than the culprit they are. twitter.com/BBCWorld/statu…

TweetDeck : This Marjorie Taylor Greene nonsense has gone on long enough. She peddles conspiracies about 9/11, QAnon, and kids dying in mass shootings. Claims to be 100% pro-life, but is okay with the idea of her opposition being assassinated? Those aren’t Republican values. She needs to go.

Twitter Web App : Timeless lessons learned growing up in an interracial family in TX, serving in CIA & defying the odds in one of the most competitive House districts can serve as a road-map for how to make tough choices necessary to keep this century the American Century.bit.ly/3cggalz

TweetDeck : Former GOP Rep. Will Hurd on the Party after Trump: Republicans can be successful in the future by ensuring were based on clear values that represent American values. And there can be a diversity of thought ... It shouldnt be blind loyalty test to a certain individual

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TweetDeck : We are a divided nation. The task at hand is not easy for President Biden and as Americans we should hope for success in unifying this great country. I am thankful for the peaceful transfer of power and that our democracy lives on.

Twitter Web App : This is a year old article from Annie Reneau on Upworthy but it's still relevant, maybe even more so. Dr. King had an unwavering committment to a clear set of values. An example we really need now.


Android : The men and women that make up the U.S. Capitol Police enabled me to do my job everyday and I love them for that. My heart goes out to Brian and his family. We won't forget your defense of our great nation overseas in Iraq but also right here at home. twitter.com/NBCNews/status…

TweetDeck : This isn’t a peaceful protest. This is an attack on our democracy and domestic terrorism to try to stop certifying elections. This should be treated as a coup led by a president that will not be peacefully removed from power.

TweetDeck : Our adversaries are looking at this and using this as an excuse to further erode Americans trust in our Democracy and our institutions. Ive seen this firsthand when I was undercover at the CIA and while I was in Congress. The election is over. Certify it.

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Android : The Democrats spent 4 years on political stunts for their base like impeachment and in the past they have tried to decertify Presidential elections. The GOP should be better than them.

Android : We shrank the Democrats majority in the house with the most diverse Republican Freshman class ever. Our position to maintain the Senate, a needed check against the Biden Administration, could be put in peril over this.

Android : Nancy Pelosi was barely re-elected Speaker. The GOP should be focusing on the far left’s agenda that caused them to lose seats instead of obstructing an election that had multiple recounts that included Republican participation.

Hootsuite Inc. : The 2020 election has been the most scrutinized election in our history. The voices of countless Americans have been counted and there is a clear winner. It's not a conservative principle to deny a single American his or her voice. That is not what the GOP stands for.

Hootsuite Inc. : Fraud should be rooted out, but attempting to invalidate tens of millions of Americans' votes by a select few elected officials in Washington, D.C. is not the path forward for our party and it does nothing to unite Americans around solving the real challenges we are facing.

Hootsuite Inc. : When I was undercover at the CIA, I saw firsthand how our enemies steal elections and try to interfere in ours. Elected officials continuing to sow doubt amongst the public for petty political gain is playing into our enemies hands.

Hootsuite Inc. : The same narrative of a rigged election was painted in 2016. Why didn’t anyone try to invalidate those votes then? Americans can see right through this.