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Zoho Social : πŸ“„ The study was published in the journal Cell Reports (#OpenAccess):

'Re-education of Tumor-Associated Macrophages by CXCR2 Blockade Drives Senescence and Tumor Inhibition in Advanced Prostate Cancer'

Zoho Social : πŸ’Š NEWS: Drugs that can β€˜reprogramme’ immune cells from protecting cancer to attacking it could be an effective new treatment for some men with advanced #ProstateCancer.

TweetDeck : Join the virtual Terry Fox Run UK on 20 September 2020 and support our pioneering research - the event is free and open to all. #TryLikeTerry

➑️ Register here:…

TweetDeck : Cancer stopped Terry 143 days into his Marathon of Hope, but he raised over $1m before he died.

40 years later, Terrys legacy lives on across Canada and around the world with annual fundraising runs to support cancer research.

Twitter Media Studio : A #VirtualRun has been launched in the UK in aid of our research πŸ”¬πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

The run is inspired by activist #TerryFox, who made headlines in 1980 when he ran 3,339 miles across Canada to raise awareness and money.

Find out more:

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Zoho Social : πŸ“„ The innovative study combined two techniques - #ElectronMicroscopy and single molecule #fluorescence. It was published in Molecular Cell:

'Human Condensin I and II Drive Extensive ATP-Dependent Compaction of Nucleosome-Bound DNA'…

Zoho Social : πŸ’¬ Study co-leader Professor Alessandro Vannini (VanniniLab_ICR_HT), Team Leader at the ICR, added:

β€œThese two complexes are often altered in many different types of cancer, so understanding the structure and function could help with future work to develop new treatments.”

Zoho Social : πŸ’¬ Co-leading author Dr Erin Cutts (Dr. Erin E. Cutts πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬) said:

β€œIn this work we could directly see human condensin I and II making DNA loops and see how individual molecules were structured, allowing us new insights into how condensin works. It was hugely exciting collecting this data!”

Zoho Social : 🧬 NEWS: New insights into two vital structures inside cells which are responsible for organising our DNA could have major implications for understanding how cancer develops.

Zoho Social : #ICRjobs Β· Higher Scientific Officer in Tumour Heterogeneity

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with expertise in #immunohistochemistry and #histopathology in cancer to join our new Centre for Evolution and Cancer.

⏰ Deadline: 30th July

Zoho Social : πŸ“„ The study was published in the journal Cancer Research (Cancer Research):

'Noninvasive MRI native T1 mapping detects response to MYCN-targeted therapies in the Th-MYCN model of neuroblastoma'

Zoho Social : Professor Paul Workman, CEO of the ICR, added:

"There is already a lot of experience in using this [MRI] technique in NHS hospitals, and I hope we can rapidly move to assessing its use in clinical trials of cancer patients."

Zoho Social : πŸ’¬ Study leader Dr Yann Jamin said:

"Our findings show that an imaging technique readily available on most MRI scanners has the potential to pick out children with aggressive cancer and give us early signs of whether a treatment is working."