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Twitter Web App : John Weaver made $700k/yr +$25k travel stipend to lobby for a Russian state-owned nuclear energy company. According to registration statement, Moscow gave him $350k up front after he signed the contract.

Consultant class raking in those Putin dollars!…

Twitter Web App : Hey Andrew, that mountain in your poster represents 30,000 dead people, including over 10K dead as a result of your decision to send COVID + patients back to nursing homes - hardly seems worthy of a celebration.…

Twitter Web App : The Lincoln Project has succeeded in getting leftists to give them money so that they can keep making cheap social media ads that appeal to leftists, while lining their pockets with the remaining funds. It's a nice little grift they got there.

Twitter Web App : Quite brilliant comments from Dr. Mark McDonald:

Children are not dying from Covid-19. Children are not passing the disease on to adults. So the only question is, “Why are we even having this meeting tonight?” We’re meeting because we adults are afraid.

Twitter Web App : WHITE PAPER starts on page 10 of this link:…

iPhone : Just dealt with the cemetery in NJ to do the gravestone for my uncle. The woman told us she had so many family members who were shocked to find covid on death certificate of those who clearly died from Alzhiemers or other things. Shocking conversation.

Twitter Web App : Here’s a true story about how quickly COVID can spread. Shove 6,000 Covid patients into nursing homes for 46 days straight. Boom. Thousands of seniors dead. Guess who signed that order?…

Twitter Web App : And keep in mind that most young people have very few, if any, symptoms when they get COVID. Now check out how the vax trials are going:…

Twitter Web App : 100MM vaccines to "save" around 1,000 ppl, at best, & that gives benefit of doubt that recorded deaths are due to COVID.

Vax must cause fatal complications in fewer than 1-100k ppl, because then it is *deadlier* than disease. & that doesn't include side effects in many more ppl.

Twitter Web App : Let's talk vaccine:

CDC has recorded 179 total <25 COVID deaths

Let's estimate 10% of ppl <25 have been infected.

With mandatory vax, we would need to inject 100MM Americans w rushed vaccine against a virus w fatality % that is so low to them it is barely measurable.


Twitter Web App : Annette Liko More like everyone else has just lost their minds and/or devolved into some subspecies of archaic human beings. And the few of us that are left are looking around trying to figure out what is going on in the world.

Twitter Web App : So very few, if any, will get sick, and younger people are contributing to herd immunity instead of seniors in LTC. Northam presents this as bad news, but new cases are *inevitable,* and it's a win-win when they are in such a young age range.…