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SocialFlow : You know Putin is in trouble when internet stars see praising him as a career-wrecking move. Unlike him, they arent persuaded that he should be their president-for-life.

SocialFlow : It takes a Whos Who of dictators & thugs to back Chinas repressive national security law for Hong Kong including Bahrain, Belarus, Burundi, Cambodia, Cuba, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Myanmar, Nicaragua, NKorea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

SocialFlow : While the Chinese Communist Party tries to persuade Han Chinese to have more babies, it is preventing Chinas ethnic minorities such as Tibetan Buddhists and Uighur Muslims from having the children they want.

SocialFlow : Hong Kongs Carrie Lam says Beijings national security law fills a gaping hole. Shes right: Hong Kong is the only place where Chinese people can express their real views about being ruled by the Communist Party. Now that censorship hole is closed.

SocialFlow : Chief Justice Roberts shows principle by voting with precedent rather than personal preferences to protect reproductive freedom. Might he also be signaling that he wont compromise principle to endorse a possible Trump effort to evade an electoral loss?

SocialFlow : No wonder Trump keeps embracing autocrats. The Great Deal Maker is so consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues, so often outplayed by his counterparts, that the autocrats run circles around him.

SocialFlow : Opening the UN Human Rights Council, 27 governments reiterate their deep concern about the Chinese governments detention of one million Uighur and other Turkic Muslims and now add deep and growing concern about the national security law for Hong Kong.

SocialFlow : As Beijing tightens the screws on Hong Kong, even the normally reticent Japanese government steps up its criticism.

SocialFlow : Humanitarian need in Syria is urgent. Russia is blocking the opening of border crossings, hoping to force aid through Damascus despite its history of corruption and politicized diversion. Donors meeting today should insist on safe, direct delivery.

SocialFlow : The World Health Organization says it will send a team to China to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. Lets hope its a more incisive probe than the last one-day show tour of Wuhan that the World Health Organization (WHO) participated in in February.

SocialFlow : That Xi Jinping pushed through the national security law for Hong Kong despite challenges from the economic downturn and coronavirus cover-up shows his desperation to deny any Chinese people the freedom to show they dont want Communist Party rule.

SocialFlow : Speaking against the Chinese governments efforts to buy off weak members of the European Union, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas 🇪🇺 urges the EUs 27 members to speak with a single voice against Beijings repressive national security law for Hong Kong.

Twitter Web App : Good column by Financial Times Gideon Rachman arguing that pandemic shows populists - eg Trump, Orban, Johnson, Bolsonaro - are failing on their grand promises to look after their citizens, while competent leaders eg Merkel are delivering…

SocialFlow : The national security law for Hong Kong is one of the most controversial pieces of Chinese legislation in a generation, but it passes the National People’s Congress Standing Committee unanimously within 15 minutes of the meeting starting. #dictatorship

SocialFlow : Interviews with abusive jihadist leaders in the Sahel show that their biggest recruitment tool are the executions committed by pro-government counterterrorism forces. So why are the European Union and United Nations so silent about those atrocities?

SocialFlow : European governments are asking why Poland should receive a big coronavirus subsidy while its government is attacking gays and undermining the independence of the judiciary. Are those policies to be subsidized?

SocialFlow : Worried about low voter turnout, Russian authorities are insisting that healthcare workers vote in the referendum to extend Putins presidential term.

SocialFlow : As the UN Human Rights Council reopens today, time to heed the call of 50 of its leading experts to initiate formal scrutiny of Chinas severely worsening repression. No more succumbing to the lure of Chinese contracts and the threats of its arm-twisting.

Twitter Web App : The effects of Beijing's "national security" law are already being felt in Hong Kong.…