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Twitter Web App : The President just declared war on millions of Americans and the 1st Amendment. He is the greatest threat to the American way of life in our history.

Twitter Web App : Your kids feeling stuck at home? They can help scientists learn about child development! Come find fun science activities designed for all ages. childrenhelpingscience.com

Twitter Web App : Walked up to my 8-yr-old today to ask him a question while he was sitting at his laptop. He sigh, hit a mute button, and said, "Mom, I'm in a class MTG with my teacher, is it important?"

Oh how the tables have turned.

At least I was wearing pants.

Twitter Web App : So excited for Hyo Gweon, Stanford, & "casual leaning" research😛

Hyo is one of the cleverest experimentalists I know, & one of the truest interdisciplinary researchers out there, seemlessly bridging social-cognitive development, computational modeling, & cognitive-neuroscience. twitter.com/yang_wu_/statu…

Twitter Web App : patrick.shafto) 's Twitter Profile">patrick.shafto I feel obligated to make it clear, that I have a literal drawer of candy in my office entirely for patrick.shafto) 's Twitter Profile">patrick.shafto.

The only behaviorism I endorse is the fact that whenever Pat is particularly clever, I give him a piece of candy. Great conditioning but he goes through it quick. pic.twitter.com/sXAlTSpCE5

Twitter Web App : Overall, my family is extremely excited about the opportunities the move will present, though it is sad to be moving away from the many friends we have made in the NJ area.

We move this summer, but I officially start 1/1/21.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Boston! pic.twitter.com/4nhiOqKLf7

Twitter Web App : Update!

I have accepted a position with Harvard Graduate School of Education to be the new David J. Vitale Associate Professor of Learning Sciences.

Rutgers-Newark has been so supportive of my career. I am delighted to maintain an affiliation at RU-N & will stay connected. pic.twitter.com/mw3l2L3HZz

Twitter Web App : Yes! My lab is averaging 5-10 participants a week from childrenhelpingscience.com

We are just in the early phases of launching & are excited to see many families engaging.

We also encourage parents from our regular database to sign-up w/ Children Helping Science & hope labs will also. twitter.com/cconrymurray/s…

Twitter Web App : In 1996, Chubby Checkers came into the ice-cream store where I worked. Rather than getting a twist, he ordered 2-scoops of French Vanilla in a waffle cone. He tipped generously. twitter.com/paulbloomatyal…