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Bio Building power of immigrant & working class communities to achieve dignity & justice. NYs largest immigrant org w/ 24,000+ members. RTs not endorsements.
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iPhone : THANK YOU to Deborah Axt , our former Co-Executive Director who played a key role in bringing this victory for excluded workers, from talking to electeds, unions, to community organizations that helped shape #FundExcludedWorkers.

癒S穩 se pudo! #FundExcludedWorkers

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iPhone : Congrats to our hunger strikers, CBOs & activists of the #FundExcludedWorkers without whom this victory would not have been possible. This fund is the greatest economic stimulus won for communities of color in this budget & we need to ensure every $ makes it to our peoples pockets.

iPhone : What a sight to behold! The community, the music, the power. Excluded workers in NY who went on hunger strike for weeks and won a $2 billion excluded worker fund are having their first meal together. This is what movement look like. Congrats @FEWcoalition! #FundExcludedWorkers

iPhone : Its stories like these.

Undocumented folks have been #EssentialAndExcluded for too long! We celebrate this win with you. #SiSePuede

iPhone : With this fund, I will be able to pay my debts accrued after I lost my 2 siblings to COVID-19, I will be able to honor their lives in a dignified way.

Eliana, StreetVendorProject #FundExcludedWorkers & hunger striker. #FundExcludedWorkers

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iPhone : NOW: Excluded workers on hunger strike share their FIRST MEAL after 23 days without food, celebrating $2.1 billion victory to #FundExcludedWorkers!

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iPhone : We need to make sure this fund reaches ALL excluded workers, those that need it the most.

We need this fund to be easily accessible so it reaches all those suffering.

Pedro, CRCNY member. #FundExcludedWorkers

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iPhone : THANK YOU to Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa for leading the fight to #FundExcludedWorkers in the Assembly.

As an immigrant herself, Carmen understands the struggle immigrant workers face, especially undocumented immigrants.

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iPhone : Our member Felipe joined the hunger strike after going a year w/o any relief, he lost his brother to COVID-19, was hospitalized himself with COVID, and lost his apartment unable to pay rent.

Felipe, joined the hunger strike because he urgently needed relief. #FundExcludedWorkers

iPhone : Our dignity has been recognized. This goes far more than just the $2.1 billion.

Its about time that the labor of undocumented workers is recognized.

Ana, New York Communities for Change member who joined the hunger striker for 23 days. #FundExcludedWorkers

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iPhone : Today we acknowledge a year of organizing, today we celebrate that year, we also honor a year of loss and devastation, today we honor this hunger strikers who put their bodies on the line for this fund. - Angeles Solis


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iPhone : These workers have secured a $2.1 BILLION fund, the first in the nation. - bianca guerrero #FundExcludedWorkers


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iPhone : NOW: Excluded workers whove been on hunger strike for 23 days will break their fast today, following news of an impending vote on a budget bill that will contain BILLIONS in relief to #FundExcludedWorkers!


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iPhone : This is about the dignity of all labor.

It's a down payment on what we owe our neighbors who lost so much.

It's solidarity, not charity.