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DO NOT attempt to inject YOUR agenda into what I tweet. Read what I post. Not what you want to see.

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Twitter Web App : MAGA: "Confederates were KKK Democrats!"

AMERICA: "Then you won't mind if we remove Confederate statues?"

MAGA: "Over our dead bodies! That's our heritage!"

Twitter Web App : It is my fondest hope and wish that donnie keeps right on doing what he is doing with his re-election strategy.

I CANNOT think of a surer way to ensure Biden wins in November.

Twitter Web App : Chief medical doctor in Houston:
β€œWe are fighting two wars: first is the Covid virus. Second is stupidity” That about sums it up.

Twitter Web App : What are you feeding that rabbit?

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Twitter Web App : I flatly refuse to even acknowledge that yeezy dude as a nominee. Its yet another bright and shiny bauble being thrown out to distract.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING NEWS: A mob in Boston has torn down two statues from the Old State House and set them on fire.

This occurred on July 18, 1776, upon the first public proclamation of the Declaration of Independence in Massachusetts.

It's as American as apple pie.

Twitter Web App : MITTY (Ntchwaidumela) Republicans have put all their wagers on manipulating weaknesses in our electoral college, voting frauds & packing courts.
Flaws that our FOUNDING FATHERS felt a fair & equal nation would prevent.
The GOP exploited those weaknesses to their benefit
Time to take our DEMOCRACY back

Twitter Web App : I'm just 33 away from 3000! Can you help a fellow resistor out this July4th? I will follow back!πŸŒŠπŸ’™πŸŒŠ

Twitter Web App : To all those wondering what Putin's hold on donnie is?
Donnie pissed away his daddy's money early in the 80's. he had to have someone to underwrite him.
He turned to Russia. They made the single best investment ever made.
Russia is simply collecting on a debt.