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iPhone : I remember when Mookie used to have three homer games for the Red Sox. Those were great times. Wish we could’ve had those times for the next 12 years, but.

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iPhone : The Sunni Arab abandonment of the Pals is key. Ironically, with Pals having zero leverage, it’s on Israel alone to decide if they want to be a perpetual apartheid state. My old friends in Mossad would argue it’s not sustainable for ethical fabric of Israel. We shall see.…

iPhone : As the US foreign policy elite is fawning over this, I’ll remind them that as a former CIA officer in Israel once candidly said, the Palestinians live “trapped like animals in an Israeli zoo.” It is immoral and wrong. Nothing changed today for the Pals.…

iPhone : 2 states not at war is not a peace treaty. And...I’m not so sure this agreement was “welcome news for the Arabs”- if u r Palestinian who still gets their ass kicked every day. It’s good, however, if u r an Israeli and want to go to Ski Dubai...…

iPhone : Cape Cod’s white shark population- apparently in the hundreds 😳- will ensure what? ...that we keep going to the Outer Banks! F me... sorry, days of the Cape are done!…

iPhone : Hey lady, youre scaring the fish — shut up. Snoop Dogg #Sharkadelic #SharkWeek

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iPhone : They were ages 18-22
Pfc. Bryan Baltierra,18
Lance Cpl. Marco Barranco, 21
Pfc. Evan Bath,19
Navy Hospital Corpsman Christopher Gnem, 22.
Pfc. Jack-Ryan Ostrovsky, 20
Cpl. Wesley Rodd, 22
Lance Cpl. Chase Sweetwood, 18
Cpl. Cesar Villanueva, 21
15th MEU back at Dover.

iPhone : Those of us who hav lived in the Arab world, and in particular who hav worked on the ground with both the Israelis and the Palestinians (and hav a strong affinity and respect for both), understand 👇analysis to the core.…

iPhone : We’re really doing this again as if this is real? He was forced to admit it was a lie that he had perpetuated about Obama in 2016.…

iPhone : Serious times require a serious leader and serious conversation. I’m honored that my friend Mark Hertling could join me to break it down. He takes us all to school. 🇺🇸…

iPhone : I HATE THIS SHIT. My dad was born on a military base where my grandfathers was stationed and there were conspiracies about his eligibility, obviously Obama birtherism. This is a gross, dark trend in American politics about birth qualification which is all clear and obvious. Stop.…

iPhone : I sometimes feel bad that I so often criticize OBrien and Esper and the rest of the ntl sec team..because they do serve, which is honorable...and then they do gross sycophantic stuff like this and I no longer feel bad..I actually wonder how they look at themselves in the mirror..…

iPhone : Soto just gets drilled in back (3 dingers this series, yeah, a mistake), umps pissing everyone off, Strass tossed from bleachers for arguin...umps, they losing control...Nats need to retaliate ASAP. Sorry, need to protect Soto. Everyone knows it...Must watch game...right now!