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iPhone : Just another Minke Monday. I suspect its being home more this summer than during any year hitherto, but Ive been seeing Minke Whales with some regularity in recent weeks.

Always special, and always a surprise when one surfaces, but not every day do I see the blowholes.

iPhone : Here’s our six hungry selkie pups waiting to be fed. Quite a rabble! It’s a challenge feeding 6 mouths 4x a day and telling them apart isn’t easy. Have to be careful not to feed the same one twice and leave one out! Not that they’d let us! #selkies

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iPhone : Jumplings! Spent a great few hours last night SumburghHead watching these beauties bouncing down the rock face. It’s amazing to watch the different pathways they all choose to take down & the odd push from mum and dad 😂

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iPhone : Something a little special for #FernFriday - indeed, something both little and special.

Two nationally scarce and enigmatic fern species, Moonwort and Small Adders-tongue, growing side by side on my #Shetland croft presently.

iPhone : A busy few days of Puffin monitoring on Fair Isle, an all day feed watch yesterday, followed by some fish sampling this morning. Plenty of good sized Sandeels coming in!

iPhone : A Tammie Norie hello from Hermaness, #unst #shetland #puffin #puffins

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iPhone : A week ago I didn’t even know what a Ghost Swift was, tonight I had 8 (of the Shetland subspecies H h thulensis) in the garden dancing around & I watched this pair do a lengthy fluttering courtship before finding a suitable location to mate. Mesmerising to watch.

iPhone : Sunrise and sunset looking out towards the most northerly point in the UK, Muckle Flugga, north of Unst, in #Shetland. With 19 hours of daylight at midsummer its never really dark, the light just dims - the #simmerdim!

📸 Timelapse film by Robbie Brookes.

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iPhone : Mealy Redpolls have bred for the first time ever on Fair Isle this year. This mornings exciting news is that there are at least two recently fledged chicks present. Did anyone involved in establishing the Obs plantation back in 1996 ever imagine this would happen?!

iPhone : A little bit of video of yesterdays Otters...

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iPhone : There’s nowhere else we’d rather be on a calm evening in July than at Sumburgh Head watching the Guillemot jumplings fledge. Puffins were showing well too! #shetland

iPhone : Just when you thought it was safe to go into the pines in Shetland in the summer without distraction... found these 5 Two-barred Crossbills at Kergord this afternoon

iPhone : If you’re in town and got a spare half hour – why not drop by the #LerwickFlowerPark and get some🌹🌼🌺therapy?

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iPhone : That moment when you’re having a break so look out the window over the garden. And a bloody fantastic Long tailed Skua comes bounding through the end of the garden and heading in land. Mind blown 🤯