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iPhone : This girl is so so so beautiful. A vibe issa vibe issa vibe.…

iPhone : Folks who had church/church activities as their personality traits must be really struggling in this season. If u can’t bring your Jesus to Monday meetings or Friday drinkings you’ll be miserable in your faith, & your righteous indignations will have no echo chamber to thrive in.

iPhone : I think my mt. Kenya pple(emphasis on okuyu) r the Biblebelt of this country. The religious credulousness used for political finagling,the supremacy under/over tones & the monolithic life ideologies.
Whatsapp forwards in this season alone are solid academic case studies for this.

iPhone : KIWIDE-19 My biggest reflection apart from team dynamics,is how much he was willing to give up to be the best. He was brutish,pple were afraid of him,he lorded over his teammates...IDK if I’d want to trade my humanity to be GOAT. Serena et al haven’t..Also,where was his wife in all this?

iPhone : What is this turmeric obsession in videos? Is it a thing? Cos I’m over it.

iPhone : Today over 20 of my contacts joined telegram. Tunajua kile mmekujia huko😂.

iPhone : I just called a company’s official business line and a child picked and said “ngojea kidogo nikuitie mum”. 😂😂😂 heh pple working from home with little jobless housemates are really going through it😅