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Sprout Social : Allison Pitre Kate: I did a BA in history and an MA and PhD in art history before applying for museum jobs. My first role was working in a busy prints and drawings study room, which was a fantastic way to learn about all sorts of works on paper. #askacurator

Twitter Web App : The painting with the frame is over 3.5 metres tall and over 2.5 metres wide. That took many very experienced people to ease it into place.… #AskACurator

Twitter Web App : Lots of the works in #GeorgeIV were challenging to install & required expert art handlers. If you’ve seen the exhibition, you’ll know that the Lawrence portrait of George IV is in a huge, magnificent frame and only just fits into the gallery.

Twitter Web App : Q. Tell us about a big or challenging object that you have had to move or install. And how many people did it take to do it? #AskACurator

Sprout Social : Marina Spiteri The growth of digital resources is key. I [Kate] started with pen and paper. Now our database includes moving images and shared knowledge from across the globe. #AskACurator

Sprout Social : Cathy #GeorgeIV & Maria Fitzherbert married secretly in 1785, but this was illegal as George required his father’s permission to marry under the Royal Marriages Act of 1772. Although they were estranged for periods, George and Maria remained fond of each other until his death in 1830.

Twitter Web App : A. Kathryn: I think the most important thing is to present the art in a thought provoking and interesting way. At Royal Collection Trust we are lucky to work with some amazing works of art but we always hope to surprise our visitors too. #AskACurator

Sprout Social : Tyto Alba We’ll pass that one to our friends Brighton Museums. But George definitely avoided the public eye in his later years. He lived in seclusion in Windsor Great Park, and even rerouted roads so he wasn’t easily seen.

Twitter Web App : Kathryn: It changes everyday - but at the moment its #GeorgeIVs coronation robe, just because the exhibition gave everyone the chance to see the fabulous embroidery up close.… #AskACurator

Twitter Web App : Kate: Thats a difficult one. I keep going back to the portrait of Haydn, which is a virtuoso piece of painting, and a wonderful symbol of the admiration which the composer and prince had for one another.… #AskACurator…

Twitter Web App : Time for a classic...What's your favourite object on display and why? #AskACurator

Twitter Web App : Good question! Kathryn thinks it’s hard not to look at this Cuyp landscape without feeling calm. It’s so serene. #AskACurator……

Twitter Web App : Kate: I’m glad you like this – I’m fond of it too! It’s…. This is the right hand half of the print only and a late reprint. #GeorgeIV bought it when he was planning his Coronation, when he purchased lots of prints of the Stuart monarchs. #askacurator…

Twitter Web App : Irene Headley 2/2 Because he bought so many different types of art, it’s hard to give an average price. Many of his prints cost just a few pence, but the Rembrandt painting cost him 5,000 guineasand the silver gilt wine cooler now at the Tower of London cost £10,000.…

Twitter Web App : Irene Headley A. George spent a vast amount, but his accounting was chaotic and the records incomplete, and I don’t think we’ll ever know how much he spent in total. Many of the documents for his purchases have been digitised at #AskACurator (1/2)

Twitter Web App : A. There is an enormous vase made by Sevres. It is 1.5metres high and over 1m in diameter. It was shown at the Paris Exhibition in 1855 and then presented to Prince Albert. #AskACurator