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Twitter Web App : I'm still laughing at all the facebook posts of people 'recognizing' their privilege but not doing a damn thing about it.

Twitter Web App : The Minneapolis 3rd precinct police station is now ablaze as protesters chant “What’s his name? George Floyd!”

Twitter Web App : Travis Dhanraj Doug Ford If you let him get away with this lie, you're complicit. An inquiry will reveal the truth in his government's negligence in allowing this to happen (& as members of the media, you have to hold him to account for that)

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Twitter Web App : An appropriate occasion for the use of fireworks, I'd say. twitter.com/DannySpewak/st…

Twitter Web App : Large protest moving through the streets of Louisville for #BreonnaTaylor, a Black woman shot and killed by police who barged into her home

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Twitter for iPad : a lot of y'all don't know this but ‼️PLEASE‼️ do NOT donate to any campaigns shaun king posts. he has a long history of collecting funds for pro-black/blm movements, and not donating the money. no one knows where that money is.

Twitter for iPad : Niko Stratis I’m going to try and get a photo of the sign on my next ride (the building is empty since no one is working there) I say we liberate the property (ReTrans is ours!)

Twitter for iPad : "Once again, the Canadian government has asked Indigenous women to relive their traumas, then looked away" —Alicia Elliott on what hasn't happened since the final report from the National Inquiry Into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls

Twitter for iPad : this is why people are saying to not share videos showing protestors’ faces. ferguson activists died violently and/or mysteriously in the years since mike brown’s murder. you could be saving lives by not sharing. rollingstone.com/culture/cultur…

Twitter for iPad : this is how group chats work when one of the pals is having a shitty day

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