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Bio Freedom fighter. Incarcerated human being reporting from inside of a prison with a contraband cellphone. Trapped in a petri dish.
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Android : Our friends in Maryland need our help to end the practice of sentencing children to die in prison. Please read the thread for action items! twitter.com/rabiasquared/s…

Android : I’ve not talked about this publicly, but my uncle was murdered by a stranger who was never apprehended when I was 8. My family was never the same.

Caging, let alone executing, his killer would not have changed any of that.

Don’t assume abolitionists don’t understand victimhood.

Android : When a crime is committed we should be quick to ask, "What happened to this person," instead of, "What's wrong with this person". Simply reframing that question alone will lead us to infinitely more Restorative & Meaningful results for Survivors & the ones who committed harm.

Android : I feel compelled to share this mini documentary filmed in Ghana by my friend Tahir Asad. It highlights the work of the organization IASO Voluntours who is bridging the healthcare & educational gap between America & Ghana. Great Job on the Doc Tahir!

Android : Our Government murdered Lisa Montgomery last night. Somehow executing a mentally incompetent person was supposed to make us feel safer. Somehow that was administering "Justice". Regardless of Race, our current Justice System is a threat to us all.

Android : My niece's teacher doesn't help her with her hw. So today I got to help her with her homework on Zoom, from a prison cell, & it felt great. Yet I could be sent to solitary confinement for it because cellphones are illegal in prison.

Android : My siblings & nieces have all been struggling with School & Distance Learning. We neglected our Children this Pandemic to instead Fund Mass Incarceration & prioritizing how to keep people in Jail vs how to give our children a Meaningful Education. Disgusted.

Android : I am calling on all Justice Department lawyers and Bureau of Prisons employees — You do not have to participate in or help facilitate the unjust federal executions scheduled this week. JUST SAY NO!

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Android : We seriously need to start letting people out of prison ASAP. We have clearly seen the unjust and discriminatory ppl who put them there.