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iPhone : Liddle, pencil neck, leakin’ monster of no control, sick puppy, sleazy, Shifty, and now...watermelonhead?

Doesn’t Trump know the cardinal rule of childish nicknames—pick one and stick with it?

Come on, Donald. You’re a terrible President but you’re supposed to be good at this.…

Twitter Web App : I am formally calling for U.S. recognition of the Independent Republic of Artsakh.

The United States will not stand idly by as Azerbaijan and Turkey wage war on Artsakh, killing hundreds of soldiers and civilians, and displacing tens of thousands.

I stand with Artsakh.

Twitter Web App : It didn’t have to be this way.

But now we must live with the enormous and unimaginable loss. Americans will carry this collective grief for decades.

In honor of all the lives cut tragically, needlessly short:

Wear a mask. Social distance. Stay home and stay safe.

And vote.…

iPhone : Trump doesn’t have a healthcare plan. He’s never had one and never will.

All the rest is an empty promise.

But American families can’t pay their bills or keep their loved ones protected with empty promises.

Tens of millions will lose their healthcare. That’s their only plan.…

iPhone : Days before the election, Republicans are trying to give an extreme nominee a lifetime appointment, to strike down health care, voting rights, and more.

They refuse to let Americans have a say.

It’s an illegitimate power grab and Democrats are right to boycott.

iPhone : The Trump Administration has adopted many cruel and callous policies.

But none was more shameful than family separation, which orphaned more than 500 migrant children.

And for what? To use their suffering for political gain?

America is better than this.

We have to be.…

iPhone : It’s time to stop playing games, Mitch McConnell.

The coronavirus crisis is far from over. Millions of Americans need help. Desperately.

They’ve spent months waiting for you to act, and all for naught.

People’s lives and livelihoods are on the line. Act like it.…

Twitter Web App : Journalists across the world are harassed, arrested, and even murdered for their reporting.

The Jamal Khashoggi Press Freedom Accountability Act will ensure that the U.S. holds perpetrators accountable.

Standing up for democracy means standing up for a free press.

iPhone : Anticipating the harsh judgment of history, Trump’s enablers are lashing out. At everyone.

It will be said that when they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous, unethical president in American history,

They consoled themselves by attacking those who did.

iPhone : 220,000 Americans are dead and infection rates are climbing in 43 states. 

After deceptively using Dr. Fauci’s words in a TV ad last week, now Trump is attacking him as a “disaster.”

For what? For telling the truth.

We all know who the disaster is here, Mr. President.


iPhone : For months, Dr. Fauci and others have warned how difficult this fall could be if we didn’t get the virus under control.
Fall is here, and the virus is spreading fast.

Despite the glaring absence of presidential leadership, we all must do our part. 

Mask. Distance. Stay safe.…

Twitter Media Studio : The election is only a few weeks away, and the stakes couldnt be higher.

Angelenos: Have you made a plan to vote yet? If not, Ill walk you through your options in less than 2 minutes.

Your voice matters. You can make a difference. Vote.

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iPhone : During the worst fire season ever, the Trump Administration is denying disaster aid to California.

When it comes to disasters, there is no “red” or “blue” America: We are one America.

Withholding help for political reasons is heartless and immoral.

We’ll fight this decision.…

iPhone : This isn’t hard:

QAnon is a crazy, dangerous, fringe conspiracy theory. I denounce it.

Trump refuses to say the same — simply because most of its followers support him.

Worse, Trump amplifies QAnon, which can lead to real world consequences and violence.

Enough already.

iPhone : For more than a year, Trump has been desperate to create a scandal around his opponent.

He even tried to extort a foreign country into smearing Joe Biden, but failed.

Trump was caught and impeached over it.  Now he’s at it again.

Different scheme. Same corrupt president.

iPhone : Election Day is in 22 days.

But the election itself is already underway. Millions have cast their ballots.

The American people deserve a say in the future of the Supreme Court, and with it healthcare, voting rights and reproductive choice.

No confirmation before inauguration.

iPhone : This season was unlike any other:

A legend taken before his time. A pandemic and season played in a bubble. Another superstar leading our team.

Congrats to the Lakers and all their fans on their 17th championship. Thanks for giving us reason to cheer.

iPhone : It was illegal for Donald Trump to hold his nominating convention at the White House in August.

And it is morally bankrupt for Donald Trump to hold another super-spreader rally at the White House today.

The law and ethics don’t matter to this President. Nor does our health.