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Twitter Web App : In 2019, our intelligence-led awareness campaigns had reached 7.3 million people. Our model works - and were not finished yet. More about our journey here:

Twitter Web App : In 2015, STOP THE TRAFFIK brought a petition to Mondelez demanding a solution to child trafficking in the chocolate industry. Today, 63% of Mondelezs cocoa is sourced ethically. By 2025, Mondelez hopes to boost that number to 100%. More here:

Twitter Web App : Earlier this week, Welsh singer-songwriter #Duffy called for an end to films which ‘glamorize the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping, and rape’. Read more about the damaging misinterpretations of trafficking in film here:


Twitter Web App : STOP THE TRAFFIK GIFT Boxes raised awareness of trafficking by evidencing the common method traffickers use to appeal to victims: an attractive promise with an ultimately negative reality. Theyve now been used all over the world. More here:

Twitter Web App : 2 days left to apply for Traffik Analysis Hub's 'Super User' position. More here:

#techagainsttrafficking #dataagainsttrafficking…

Twitter Web App : In 2008, Steve Chalke (STT founder) presented a petition to the UN with the signatures of 1.5 million people. The message was clear: human trafficking cannot and will not be ignored.

Read more about our journey as global change-makers here:

Twitter Web App : On 26th June, Bedfordshire Police rescued 10 victims of human trafficking from a farm in Bedfordshire. Two arrests were made. Exploitation happens everywhere – but STOP THE TRAFFIK is committed to ensuring those vulnerable know how to #SpotTheSigns. More here:

Twitter Web App : Traffik Analysis Hub is hiring. If you have significant technical experience and believe you're an effective communicator, it could be you. More here:
#techagainsttrafficking #dataagainsttrafficking #job…

Twitter Web App : STOP THE TRAFFIK stands as a proud ally with the #LGBTQI+ community, a group at a potentially heightened risk of trafficking. For more information on this issue and what you can do to help, visit: #PRIDE2020

Twitter Web App : Do you have technical expertise? Are you an effective communicator? Traffik Analysis Hub is looking for someone to help them make history in the fight against human trafficking. To apply:

Twitter Web App : Knowing the #facts about drug related crime can help people trapped in exploitative situations.
#FactsForSolidarity #WDD #WorldDrugDay

Twitter Web App : Factors leading to drug related crime are often the same drivers of exploitation.
#FactsForSolidarity #WDD #WorldDrugDay

Twitter Web App : Drugs are a major source of revenue for organised crime groups, many of whom use exploitation to produce, transport and distribute. On #WorldDrugDay we consider the link between drugs and exploitation.
#FactsForSolidarity #WDD #WorldDrugDay

Twitter Web App : This Thursday 25 June, our very own Neil Giles joins Featurespace to discuss the realities of Trafficking and Terrorist Financing – and how to detect and prevent it. Register to join the Webinar here