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Bio Single mum to an amazing little boy!! Excited to start my new adventure in September at Stirling uni!!!
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iPhone : CJ “Lana” Perry just watched survivor series and your chronicle and want to tell you that you are beautiful and amazing!! I am in awe of your resilience!! You deserved the win and both me and my son were super excited for you!! Sending love to you in dark days xx

iPhone : Big brave man broke his arm yesterday and said he was as tough as Cody so didn’t cry! He did so well at the hospital getting his X-ray. He’s hoping Cody will see this and hope he heals quickly. He’s a huge AEW fan.

Android : Have a look at our year ahead! #windyknoweway

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Android : Some big decisions needing to be made but what I want to know is, can you make adult decisions flipping a coin?? Argh!! I hate adulting!!!

Android : Been watching teen mum uk and Chloé if you want to go to uni you can do it!! I'm a single mum with a mortgage, job and I'm at uni doing psychology and I pay the bills. You will make a fantastic midwife!! :) xx

Android : It’s official!! Season 2 of the @Netflix original series #MrIglesias is happening. Thank you to all my fans for making it a global hit 😀 #GabrielIglesias #LBC #NetflixFluffy

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Android : Cannot believe today is the day!! Happy birthday to the sweetest little man in the world! I am so lucky that you are in my life and cant wait to see what adventures we have this year!! Happy 7th birthday Thomas xxxxx

Android : Why do some people decide last minute to be a disappointment! I should have really known better knowing the track record but it's still annoying!

Android : What a fantastic day! Windyknowe Primary School, you were amazing during Sports Day 2019! Thank you to the amazing support from all the families today.

Ready, Responsible, Respectful. #windyknoweway

Android : Finishes my exam today so can now officially say that is first year finished. Now for the summer, plan to decorate the house, bake more and get physically and mentally fit. Will probably have to find a new job and fix my budget too but that's what the next few months are for!