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Twitter Media Studio : To the Class of 2020

Congratulations on all your hard work as you graduate from college!

You are our future leaders—we have faith in you

As we work to overcome this pandemic—we need your help to rebuild even stronger than before

Good Luck! Godspeed!

A digital address to you:

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iPhone : I visited beautiful Ulysses S. Grant Cottage last year & I've been fighting for it to be designated a National Historic Landmark

Now the site where Pres. Grant—terminally ill at the end of his life—completed his epic memoir will be featured in a miniseries tomorrow:…

Twitter Web App : “They were not simply names on a list. They were us.”

My heart breaks for the Americans we’ve lost to COVID-19. I’m praying for their families and friends and loved ones.…

iPhone : To all those in NY, America, & around the world celebrating the end of Ramadan, I wish you all a healthy & joyful Eid

It is my hope that in this past month of fasting and renewal, you, your families, and friends have been safe and found strength in God & each other

Eid Mubarak!

Twitter Web App : Pres. Trump & Senate Republicans want to kick millions off their earned unemployment benefits in this crisis—even making Americans with pre-existing conditions choose between their lives & paychecks.

We must act! This is why the House passed a bill with urgent & necessary help.…

Twitter Web App : To the SBA:

In the CARES Act, the PPP program ensured nonprofits that meet the qualifications would be eligible for help.

You need to stop the ideologically-driven action against Planned Parenthood’s local health centers to score political points for the Trump admin.

Twitter Web App : The Trump admin’s response to COVID-19 has been inadequate from the beginning

Tomorrow, theyre required to submit a national testing strategy

Well review it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it outlines in detail how they will ensure every American who needs a test gets one

iPhone : This is the opposite of what happened.

The House this month passed a major bill to fight the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

But Senator McConnell has held no votes on legislation on the Senate floor in May related to COVID-19.…

Twitter Web App : President Trump: We just fought for the Senate to pass a bill to sanction the Chinese Communist Party for the their human rights abuses against the Uighurs.

You need to act to hold China accountable for their human rights abuses.…

Twitter Web App : The Chinese Communist Party’s action in Hong Kong should surprise no one. It’s a violation of China’s commitments to the people of Hong Kong.

Pres. Trump has consistently failed to stand up for them when they needed U.S. leadership.

He's ceding U.S. leadership to Pres. Xi.…

Twitter Web App : This shows the original VA study on hydroxychloroquine everyone was concerned over is just the beginning

This drug may be useless or even harmful for COVID-19 patients, but the VA continues to administer it to hundreds of vets

Why are we just learning this? We need answers NOW!…

Twitter Web App : Leader McConnell has not scheduled a single vote on legislation related to COVID-19 in the entire month of May.

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Twitter Web App : Our hearts are broken over the great loss of Americans to COVID-19. Our prayers are with their families.

Nancy Pelosi & I made the request of Pres. Trump to lower flags to half staff to honor those lost

It will serve as a national expression of grief so needed in our country…

Twitter Web App : This is unacceptable.

Instead of the comprehensive report on COVID-19 racial disparities that the Trump administration owed the American people, they just sent a set of already available links.

President Trump: You need to act NOW to help communities of color.…

Twitter Web App : Today in the Foreign Relations Committee, the Republicans held an “audio only” hearing so the public couldn’t see what they were doing:

Working to give a promotion to Steve Bannon’s business partner in the middle of a health crisis.

Twitter Web App : Senate GOP just confirmed Rep. Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence

But Pres. Trump has tried to short-circuit accountability in the executive branch—baselessly firing inspectors general

And Rep. Ratcliffe’s hasn't shown the independence we need in the intel community

Twitter Web App : For Senator McConnell to say that the Senate is working and the House is derelict is the opposite of what happened.

The House has passed a major bill to fight this crisis.

But Senator McConnell has held no votes on legislation on the Senate floor in May related to COVID-19.

Twitter Web App : The Senate needs to focus on helping Americans, but Republicans are off on a wild goose chase, spouting conspiracies invented by President Trump.

The Senate Republican “conspiracy caucus” is back with a vengeance.