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iPhone : Oh nothing to see here, just a Professor accusing 95% of Jews in America of being “Zionist Supremacists”, something David Duke and Linda Sarsour call us. 

Wow disgusting Wake Forest University - how is this atrocious bigot allowed to teach impressionable students?…

iPhone : Exactly what I’ve been saying. Todays antisemitism IS anti-zionism.

Thank you Club Z!

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Twitter Web App : Disgusting - an elite Jewish officer in the French CRS police force found 'dirty Jew' and two swastikas drawn next to his name on his locker.…

iPhone : Marc Lamont Hill wasn’t “canceled for criticizing Israel.”

He was fired from CNN for justifying violence and the murder of Jewish civilians in Israel because of their government’s policies.

iPhone : Today we say Enough.

We have tolerated this hateful speech on our campus for far too long, and we are exhausted.

We are tired of silence, tired of inaction, tired of hate.

David Miller and his views have no place on our campus.

Action must be taken.

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iPhone : The amount of vile antisemitism young children are encountering on TikTok is truly frightening.

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iPhone : White supremacist ‘14 First’ member Raymond Bryant has been arrested for spray painting swastikas onto a Spokane, WA synagogue. 

Bryant also admitted he distributed antisemitic, neo nazi flyers at a Spokane TV station just days after the synagogue vandalism.…

iPhone : A Jewish student at Maastricht University, #Netherlands was victim to antisemitism today when he found his mezuzah torn off of his door post, and a swastika engraved in its place.

Antisemitism in Europe is frightening.
Jewish communities are unsafe.

Twitter Web App : Bristol University cannot say they "tackle racial discrimination in all its forms"

- and not tackle David Miller's outrageous statements about Jewish students.

This is a test case for Jews and #antisemitism.

Are Jews safe and equals on campus -or not?

Over to u Bristol University 🎓


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Twitter Web App : I just received this disgusting statement from David Miller, a lecturer at Bristol University 🎓.

The Tab could not publish it in full, but everyone needs to see this. As a Jewish student myself, I cannot tell you hard it is to read this from a staff member at my own uni.


iPhone : The radical hate group ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’ (responsible for the Jersey City massacre that killed 4) is having a joint speaking session with the ‘Proud Boys’ on February 19th.

One guess ((( what ))) the topic of conversation will be.