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Bio Faker that focus on DILF celebs and video game men! Obsessed shipper of Prasinski (Chris Pratt x John Krasinski) Dont expect young/twinks. *COMMISSIONS OPEN*
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Twitter Web App : Where do you like to go when you eat out? β€” We have a restaurant chain in Australia where it serves nothing but breakfast food. 24/7 Pancakes....yiss plz curiouscat.qa/T7fakes/post/1…

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Here's another fake video teaser.

I think it's turning out pretty well. Hope you'll love the final product when it's done.

Also still looking for someone to impersonate him. DM me!


Also hope the links work now >_> pic.twitter.com/X6rRPGabxy

Twitter Web App : *Tom Holland - Commission Animation*

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Twitter Web App : *Johnny Silverhand - Cyberpunk 2077 - Keanu Reeves*

Its been awhile since ive done anything 3D. Guess Johnny might of rekindled me to do more.

Cum and Dirt alts available at my blogs


Twitter Web App : Dom I see someone at the edge of the corner. Who could it be? :3

Twitter Web App : CΤ‹ΙΎΞΉΚ‚ EΚ‹Ξ±Ι³Κ‚

A teaser for my next fake video.

Should be around 8 minutes long - Involves Footplay and Masturbation.

Also if anyone thinks they can impersonate his voice. Do DM me

If you would like to support me make more content like this
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Twitter Web App : Are you and combiningpower in an open relationship β€” lol. That was more of a joke than anything. My bad if you interpreted that way. curiouscat.qa/T7fakes/post/1…