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Twitter Web App : Our FREE E-Learning Unit Autism in the Workplace is available via our website #autism #employment Change the environment and not the person. Would you like to find out more? Please message us to see how we can work together

Android : We will be sharing our #storysofar with you over the next few days. We got the keys in December 2018 and set about getting ready to open #autism #employment #northampton

Twitter Web App : Thanks to our Friends of Track we have been able to support 26 people into paid employment. Times are hard but we are still supporting people ACS Recruitment
#autism #employment Find out more here. Thank You…

Twitter Web App : You can buy a Virtual Coffee and help us to keep supporting autistic people to access employment Each one costs £3 Thank You #autism #supportlocal Paddy McGuinness TRACK

Android : Thanks to our Friends of Track we have been able to support 26 people into paid employment. Times are hard but we are still supporting people. Issured Limited #autism #employment Find out more here. Thank You…

Android : No journalist should back off the Cummings story if it’s true his child is autistic. What they should do is highlight how virtually nothing has been done for wider autistic community. Autistic people have been suffering & dying throughout. Their families left to cope alone.

Twitter Web App : Its #NationalThankATeacher Day. What better way to thank your childs teacher than to nominate them for The #Northamptonshire Education Awards?🏆

Make a teachers day by simply saying thank you for their hard work:

#ThankYou #NEA2020 #TeacherAppreciation

Twitter Web App : 🙌 A huge thanks to TRACK for supporting us in our WBS Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing Project!

Some fascinating insights into autism and employability.

We look forward to catching up soon!

#Entrepreneurship #Autism

Android : Its back, and we are going for a world record of 250 tickets sold! Will you be part of history? All funds to CAFE TRACK #autism #employment Made in Northampton, Played Around the World #northantshour #standupbingo

Twitter Web App : Enjoy a Virtual Coffee with your next online meeting We are looking to meet with businesses who want to find out more about how we can work together to help create opportunities. Please message us to arrange an Online meeting #Autism #Employment…

Twitter Web App : We are continuing to develop relationships with employers, and whilst the times are incredibly challenging we hope to be able to offer more opportunities and partnerships in the near future #Autism #Employment #Northampton #MK

Android : We are proud to be part of the local Autism Strategy group, and one of its members needs your help with research. The link to the questionnaire is:… participants need to fill it out on a laptop or computer. Thank you. Please see image for details

Android : Thank you very much. Lots of amazing comments so far which are really heartwarming! Still time to vote for us at…

Android : Mea : Connexus gives you a platform to carry out interviews, meetings and video communications that you know are secure, immutable and uncompromised... no need for unnecessary journeys, save valuable time and be more efficient.
#meaconnexus #issured #secure #digitaltransformation

Android : We have updated our training page!

Find links to upcoming local & national webinars & to recordings of past webinars.

If you want to engage in some learning, you can also find free short online courses, including a course from TRACK