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iPhone : I don't understand why an an editor at the New York Times was fired for tweeting out a rather bland opinion when all Maggie Haberman does on Twitter all damned day is tweet out opinions about every damned thing -- and gets into angry spats with people who criticize her.

iPhone : the right works the refs hard because there's no downside. media orgs HATE accusations of bias, so when they tack right and we yell about it, they can then say "see, we're not liberal, we piss off EVERYONE!" and that, kids, is what passes for "balance."…

iPhone : Young coach takes the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’ hands with the game on the line in possibly Rodger’s last chance at making another Super Bowl.


iPhone : “We’re too ethical to talk about it... but, let’s just say, we only fire people who deserve it. Nudge-nudge.”

More sleaze from the Times.…