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iPhone : The question on face masks on public transport vs pubs has Dowden absolutely stumped. Tragic


iPhone : “What can we do to stimulate people to eat out?”

Have a functioning test, track and trace system. And maybe an actual app...


iPhone : 'In their effort to release data to show the increase in testing capacity, officials from PHE and the Department of Health "hand-cranked" the numbers to ensure a constant stream of rising test numbers', Sky's Ed Conway and Rowland Manthorpe writes trib.al/OfMV7I9

iPhone : Caroline Nokes with the perpetual *this is all a bit beneath me* posture

#Peston #Newsnight

iPhone : When was the last time any member of this government apologised for any misdemeanour, gaff or faux pas, let alone an actual proven lie?


iPhone : Liz Truss will be the next one to find herself surplus to requirements - can’t question Brexiter ideology, even when reality starts to bite #Newsnight

iPhone : Sunak: “All citizens should get out there and eat out every day of the week, to help the hospitality industry (just ignore that virus still spreading around, killing people)”


iPhone : Vicky Ford MP Saddened??

Listen to this...My dad’s mate’s neighbour’s, long-lost cousin’s three-legged dog said that they’re using the vouchers to buy flat-screen TVs for every room in their 9 bedroom mansion

iPhone : 155 coronavirus deaths in the UK today, which is 57 more than the entire EU combined


iPhone : BBC Breakfast Nick Eardley For a supposedly great orator, it’s remarkable how many times Johnson says something only for it to then require clarification from another minister or his office several hours later

iPhone : Boris: “The economic health of the country is more important than that of it’s citizens”


iPhone : Ferrari: “Why don’t you open the pubs on a weekday?”

Boris: “Well I don’t think there’s much difference”


iPhone : SkyNews The 14-day quarantine is possibly the most disingenuous coronavirus-related policy this government has implemented.

Was set in stone that they would drop it at the next available opportunity