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Still in love after 20 yrs of marriage
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Android : For Reality Winner’s act of patriotism, she was silenced, lawyers gagged & Reality locked up. No Bail. The DOJ kept her hidden in horrific conditions. Never allowed to defend herself, charged under the archaic Espionage Act the TRUTH was weaponized from seeing the light of day.

Android : The Trump DOJ painted Reality Winner as a traitor for releasing one document to the press. The information she released was vital to free and fair elections in the United States of America. This information totally contradicted the Fake News Narrative so what did they do? 👇

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Android : The document proven real made Reality’s release even more credible. Let’s not forget that the Election Asst. Comm. immediately after the document release tweeted out an alert.

They are charged with overseeing elections & Reality’s whistleblowing allowed them to warn the states.

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Android : We’ve had an insurrection in the United States of America.

Why is USAF Veteran Reality Winner still in prison? Give me a break. This was a pure political persecution. Reality is a conscious driven whistleblower who ALERTED Russia was meddling in our election infrastructure. 👇

Android : Reality Leigh Winner has already been punished enough for her crime of conscience. She has already been tortured by our system. Every day that this young veteran spends in prison is an injustice.
.President Biden please grant her clemency and #BringRealityHome

Android : 1362 days behind bars ought to be enough punishment for releasing the truth about a foreign attack on our election systems.

Why is #RealityWinner still in prison?
#FreeRealityWinner #BringRealityHome

Android : March 3 will be mark 45 months imprisoned daughter #RealityWinner

Please send .@potus a message asking him to free her.
She has been punished enough.

Android : #PardonRealityWinner My daughter #RealityWinner did not report conditions this horrific Thank God!
What she suffered was bad enough, though. I agree, if the BOP cannot keep them safe and meet their basic needs, they should be released. My daughter deserves to be freed right now. She is no threat.