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iPhone : I’ve been enjoying my work in the Capitol, but I must return to my home district to quell this insurgent primary challenger. see you all in a few weeks

iPhone : UPDATE: Everything went great today. Surgery was successful, kidney is working I’m getting some rest. Thank you to everyone for your support! #DonateLife twitter.com/benvoelkel/sta…

TweetDeck : Marianne LeVine Sen. Collins said that the coronavrius task for should still do briefings and federal supports for testing/treatment is crucial.

Whether Trump himself should talk more to the nation about the virus, however, caused her to pause: “Yes. Well. Depends what he says.”

TweetDeck : Marianne LeVine “I think mayors, governors, the president, they have a responsibility. I think they ought to be talking about masks more and social distancing,” said Sen. Rick Scott.

“This is no time to decide that we can walk away and leave this all up to the states,”Sen. Blunt

TweetDeck : Marianne LeVine Should Trump wear a mask?

Capito: “He should be leading that effort, yeah ... Should he be wearing a mask? In certain situations, yes"

Rubio: "prefer he do it. You know he’s not gonna do it. I’m not excusing it ... I’d prefer he wore it because people follow an example"

TweetDeck : Marianne LeVine Ending federal support for Texas testing sites? Sen. Cornyn: “Frankly I didn’t really understand what they were thinking. … At a time cases are spiking, we’re gonna pull back?”

He predicted a reversal: “I’d be surprised if there’s a good reason not to continue it.”

TweetDeck : New: As President Trump + VP Pence says things are mostly under control. Republicans push Trump administration to step it up on coronavirus. Want to keep testing sites open + say that yes, Trump would wear a mask at least sometimes. With Marianne LeVine


iPhone : Cruz and Cornyn write to Trump admin to continue federal support for testing sites: “Now is not the time to end a program that is working and successfully increasing testing capacity—especially for underserved communities in the state.”

TweetDeck : Schumer yesterday: "Now, I like my friend from South Carolina, Sen. Scott. I know that he’s trying to do the right thing. But this is not about just doing any bill. This is not about finding the lowest common denominator between the two parties and then moving on."