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Android : People love to “mentor” women. Don’t mentor me. Give us the connects, link us up with the employers. We want nepotism. We’ll learn on the job like the rest of the men you didn’t mentor.

Android : Today I saw someone tweet that we should wear armbands for RBG, a Jewish woman, with her initials. And I really need you all to sit down and think for like ten seconds about your ideas before saying them, no Jewish person wants anyone to see or wear armbands for any reason.

Android : tbf nicaragua was slightly more on fire at the time, but come on dad at least i could've been canadian. if i have to protest my country brutalizing indigenous people at least i could have some fucking healthcare twitter.com/jaboukie/statu…

Android : "they're sexist"
"they're homophobic"
"they're fascist"
"they're impoverished"
"they're war torn"
"they're a police state"
"they're imperialist"
yeah. wonder what that's like. [sips so loudly as to shake the earth and rend the skies]

Android : what 👏🏾 the actual fuck 👏🏾 is better about the US than jamaica, or nicaragua, or a festering grave pit, or a scorched rock at the exact center of the sea? what facet of this country is in any way superior. i don't blame dad for being tricked but i don't have to goddamn thank him twitter.com/longIivelisa/s…

Android : If you have a body that the law has felt fit to judge—if your very life has been treated as a matter of public opinion—It's like a stranger's hand has been clenched around your heart for three and a half years, and tonight that hand just tightened its grip.

Android : Ever wondered what Mongolian heavy metal is like?

This song Reincarnation by the Inner Mongolian band Hanggai was written on a song contest show within !! 24 hours !! after they were given a general theme of Last Year

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Android : it honestly pisses me off cuz yhe poorest of us all dig into our (EMPTY) pockets constantly for each other. my mom will be down to her last dime and helping out her church members and community with what she hasn't got. but your ~tax dollars~ can't do the work when you're alright

Android : either you feel ownership of a system that doesn't benefit you (pitiable, but internalized) or y'all don't want to risk your financial security in a skewed system but un-skewing it. get off my feed with that bull we're trying to make progress here

Android : "socially lib/fiscally conserblah" are the kinda people who talk all day about the housing crisis and won't give a homeless guy a dollar. y'all stingy. y'all want change that doesn't cost the govt specifically because the govt money belongs to YOU benefits YOU so YOU can be cheap twitter.com/TheConsciousLe…

Android : It's honestly so infuriating that this even needs to be said. I had to fight *so hard* to get people to say transmasc for me & now it's forced on people who aren't.

Like can y'all just get it through your heads that we're not all the same and just use the terms we agree to use? twitter.com/eviejasper/sta…