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Bio just an artist tryna make it in MIA 🥳 a Donna 👸🏻
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Twitter Web App : Thank you cause we’re the best :)…

Twitter Web App : Hey guys my name is Jonathan Pinto, I’m an artist, and I’d really love to sell some of my older paintings. I’ve been hoarding them but I think it’s time they found new homes!! So here’s a thread with prices, hope you guys find something, and if not, a retweet helps too, love u 💗

Twitter Web App : also been seeing alotta women get rich lately. idgaf if u sellin pussy or sellin stocks, great job Queens. keep on keepin on

Twitter Web App : The obsession with celebrities or their significant other is out of control it’s truly disgusting how ppl vouch and go hard for ppl they don’t fucking know

Twitter Web App : Boy past couple years me & my wife done made it through the business start up phase, a newborn, losing damn near everything, lupus, a pandemic & now we out here living life lol that’s why picking a life partner important cuz you gon go through some shit.

Twitter Web App : U hurt my feelings it turned me off . Simple .

Twitter Web App : don’t ever take that shit for granted 👌🏼…

Twitter Web App : I wanna get one so bad for my bday :((((((…

Twitter Web App : I’ll reinvent myself as many times as I have to. I’m not tied to my past and I don’t let it define me.

Twitter Web App : Okay so I deleted my monthly goal cause that’s private but FUCK it blows my mind sometimes how life works man

Twitter Web App : Also what if my mans dad is a dead beat why would I take a dead beats last name by that logic... my dads amazing…