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iPhone : Such BS that the #Ravens behavior got them out of tonight’s game. Your players are shitheads and can’t handle the protocols, you play without them. I love how the NFL gives you a free pass if you’re super shitty but not kind of shitty. Play ball.

iPhone : Still some hope AP can pull off the 2 rushing TD game with negative rushing yards

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iPhone : The audacity to kneel during the anthem on this holiest of holidays. I’m turning this shit off and watching the Macy’s Parade

iPhone : So jealous of people with covid today. Don’t have to taste all the nasty thanksgiving food

iPhone : Today is Thanksgiving and I will damn well risk my health, the health of my family, and the health of the country at large to share some food with people I don’t generally want to spend time with God Bless America #USA

iPhone : Alex Sonty I honestly believe he’s not far from his prime version. Just missed a few LONG TDs every week. More on Tom than him. We ride.

iPhone : Antonio Brown is still a top 10 WR in the NFL and seems to have his shit together. Big games coming.