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Bio ⚡️hydration with no sugar and lots of salt...........👨‍🔬developed by @robbwolf and @ketogains ...... 🎉Fiesta pack out now!
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iPhone : Clarissa Sosa Hmm, hard to say! That probably has more to do with the water quality/potential contamination from airborne bacteria etc than LMNT.
How long are you talking about?

iPhone : We’ve teamed up with LMNT and couldn’t be happier! We’ve shared our love for these electrolytes on air, now we get to actually share them with you! Value Bundle gets you a box free + Free Shipping! Visit drinkLMNT.com/PowerProject to purchase today!!

iPhone : P.S.

I actually used the LMNT packets in my water during sparring. Great to keep my electrolytes up while sparring.

I suspect this will be a thing that happens in sports. Instead of sugary ass gatorade, real electrolyte replacement.

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iPhone : Realized something great about Robb Wolf product LMNT .

I didn’t finish my drink yesterday. This Yeti has been sitting out since yesterday. There is absolutely nothing settled...even after almost 24hrs.
#GreatMix #GreatTaste

iPhone : James Kelly CS over email is your best bet. Often it goes out too quick but we’ll make sure you get your box, np. Even if it means you gifted one to a friend 👊🙃

iPhone : Insert Name Here Edens Wellness 😂🤷‍♂️
There’s one or two reviews on our site... But maybe you can pioneer it among your friends.

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iPhone : I really like drinking water. Other than that I am not a drinks person (no coffee, tea, alcohol, soda). Just not my thing.

So, when I say I like the LMNT #electrolyte mix? I really, really like it. I am amazed how much I like it. I look forward to it every morning.

iPhone : Our sponsor is LMNT, who help athletes stay hydrated with higher sodium electrolytes. Check out their new fiesta pack or my personal favorite, the citrus salt: bit.ly/3kcGu1w