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Android : This morning I woke up early to beat the heat & drove to the spot Id meant to be my first hike, a gentle one not far from my house, & slowly did about 3/4 of it. Then I sat on the edge of the lagoon & made shehecheyanu & hagomel & cried. Im safe. And its all still so bad.

Android : When all the world was entering lockdown in mid-March I thought "well at least I can use this time to do some hiking." Then on 3/18 I got sick w C19 & it took until 6/1 before I was fever-free & could leave isolation, then weeks of general weakness & suboptimal functionality.

Twitter Web App : Worth noting that for all his manifest douchebaggery, Pete Campbell is the only white character who consistently rejects the overt racism all around him, in this ep as much as in any other. twitter.com/latimes/status…

Twitter Web App : This thread from The Atlantic (which I wasn't involved in putting together--thanks to whoever did) is an excellent guide to main stages of the story.

The story is long, but meant to be read in chapters, like the ones laid out here. theatlantic.com/politics/archi… twitter.com/TheAtlantic/st…

Twitter Web App : I mean honestly I think it's great that all these folks are going out of their way to bring their creativity and expert knowledge to explaining the efficacy of masks, but my god. Just fucking wear one.

Twitter Web App : "Annexation cannot be understood separately from the Gaza blockade, which in turn cannot be disconnected from the practices affecting Palestinian refugees and citizens of Israel." 972mag.com/gaza-movement-…

Twitter Web App : Israel has "the most sophisticated population management system in the world right now," says Israeli sociologist Dr. Yael Berda


Android : The passage of time means nothing to me anymore. Every time a new month arrives, I just think: Great, our vaccine timeline is 4 weeks shorter, I guess.

Twitter Web App : Joyce Carol Oates "When lawmakers began drafting the GI Bill in 1944, some Southern Democrats feared that returning Black veterans would use public sympathy for veterans to advocate against Jim Crow laws" Insisting upon states administering grants and in the south ...history.com/news/gi-bill-b…