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Twitter Web App : Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water: Alberta Government Paid $28K for a Report Smearing Hundreds of Climate Journalists… via @vice

Twitter Web App : FWS appears ready to permit a plan that would allow some of Collier County’s largest private landowners to pursue a string of new developments in panther habitat great/sad story by Jimmy Tobias

Twitter Web App : Great interview with Sharon Lerner on my new book, Count Down.

These cumulative hits create subsequent generations that are invariably less fertile. It’s a vicious cycle and should be a call to action.

#countdownthebook #spermdecline #fertilitydecline #reprohealth…

Twitter Web App : As a reminder that drug pricing is still out of control, a new small molecule drug for lupus nephritis will be priced at $142,000/year....

this is despite ICER assuming in its recent analysis that $32,000 was a reasonable price.…

Twitter Web App : so it's a cumulative effect, which helps explain the nosedive in sperm count. But if you extrapolate even a little bit into the future...

Twitter Web App : I keep thinking about the last thing Shanna Swan, PhD said: "It’s a two-hit model. Or, for subsequent generations, a three-hit or four-hit model. Because you get the inherited contribution, and then you get your own life course contribution when you grow up"

iPhone : .Sharon Lerner interviews Shanna Swan, PhD on her new book “Count Down” about the long-term decline in sperm count, 59% over 5 decades… still continuing. #countdownthebook #fertilitydecline… #Guys… your #swimmers are at risk to chemicals

iPhone : The big culprits: phthalates, BPA (and its substitutes), atrazine, glyphosate - all chemicals that have been banned elsewhere but not in the US

iPhone : The science brought together in this book explains the role of chemicals in the massive decline in sperm counts & increase in fertility problems, ED, and genital malformations. Scary

Twitter Web App : & in more good news Biden is keeping the US in WHO and joining COVAX, a big step in beginning to address vaccine apartheid. Using the Defense Production Act to increase production could help get the vaccine to the developing countries that need it, too…