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Twitter Web App : On the look out for people to join our Spokesperson Network. We'll train you to do great TV & radio interviews and then help you find bookings afterwards. Training is in Jan & we'd love to hear from folks who "don't see so many people like me" in the media…

Twitter Web App : Government messaging: it's important to remember the dangers of get togethers at Christmas, when organising your get togethers at Christmas

Twitter Web App : To be honest, you'd have hoped that why can't we go to the pub, just because of epidemic levels of a fatal respiratory infection, would have been a bit less mainstream

Twitter Web App : The idea that a life-saving medicine would be locked up under corporate patents and treated as an elite rent-seeking opportunity in the middle of a global pandemic is reprehensible and we should have the clarity to say so.

Twitter Web App : Think as the north/south wars rage on to fight another day it’s very important to remember that you are all sadly English

Twitter Web App : There's nothing I enjoy more than watching the British press moralising at folk, it's like getting advice on portion sizes from a black hole

Twitter Web App : Didny know if they still did dvds, but here you go, they do. My Tour of Scotland hing is out next month…

Twitter Web App : Book seems to still be available at Foyles. I miss Foyles, what a great bookshop. They're reprinting it, and it'll be available everywhere else from Monday…

Twitter Web App : This is Trump's argument: George Soros, Biden, the Clinton Foundation & the antifa worked with the Venezuelan government to rig the election by making big Dem cities vote for the Democratic candidate. But they also let Republicans win Senate, Congressional and local races.

Twitter Web App : Please watch #IHateSuzie, American friends, I'm sorry for pushing so hard on it, but it's in danger of getting lost in all the TV.…

Twitter Web App : Winter is upon us and this year we need your help more than ever before. Our goal is to provide each and every refugee in France and the UK with a warm winter coat. Heres how you can help:

👉Donate a coat:
👉Buy a coat for £20:

Twitter Web App : The Tories got away with freezing public sector pay in 2012 because austerity was supported by a compliant media, many economists and the Labour Party.

Today austerity is a dead duck intellectually. With enough uproar - and a functioning opposition - this can be defeated.

Twitter Web App : There you go, anyone who's waiting for a copy of the new book: it's on the way! Thanks for your patience everybody.…