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Twitter for iPad : Only 3 Senate Republicans (Lee, Daines & Braun) voted with Senator Rand Paul to end the War in Afghanistan; 30 Dems voted with Paul (…).

This is the opposite of the House vote, where Dems provided most of the votes to impede troop withdrawl……

Twitter Web App : Justin Feldman I don't decide which principles I'm going to support based on my opinion of who is victimized by their violation. That's why I would loudly object if you were fired for an article you wrote 33 years ago for which you apologized even though I'd not be sad about your plight.

Twitter Web App : Josh I don't know. People seem very eager to forgive Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden's far-more-recent vehement opposition to marriage equality for gay people, so it seems the standards aren't really that consistent or principled. Surprise!

Twitter Web App : The Boeing employee profusely apologized for the 1987 article, calling it a "Cold War navy pilot's misguided contribution to a debate live at the time," "embarrassingly wrong and offensive," and "not a reflection of who I am."

But he was forced out after 6 months on the job.

Twitter Web App : "Boeing Co's communications chief Niel Golightly abruptly resigned on Thursday, following an employee's complaint over an article the former U.S. military pilot wrote 33 years ago arguing women should not serve in combat."…

Twitter Web App : The massive secret Brazil archive provided by our source last June enabled extensive reporting this week showing the role of DOJ & FBI in Brazil's corrupt anti-corruption probe that resulted in Lula's imprisonment & Bolsonaro's election. Lula has long maintained this happened:…

Twitter Web App : Matadoor1 As someone who pays taxes to the Brazilian government, and who lives in Brazil for 15 years with my Brazilian husband and my Brazilian children, in the city where all this is happening, it's very much my business.

Twitter Web App : Matadoor1 They're spreading a deadly virus to huge numbers of people, including poor people forced to work serving them food & drinks in order to survive & who have no health care other than terrible, overloaded publicly-funded hospitals where they die. It affects every aspect of society.

Twitter Web App : As COVID ravages Brazil, Rio opened bars & restaurants yesterday, and heres what people did in its richest neighborhood.

I get going out for protests, & people should have the right to do even this (👇). But those who suffer most arent these people:

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Twitter Web App : Democrats have been widely infected with this McCarthyite sickness and if you think it's going to just be cured like some benign virus once Trump is gone, you're very wrong. It's in the deepest, most primitive parts of their brains:…

Twitter Web App : Heres a 1988 ad by the far-right Conservative Caucus comparing Reagan to Neville Chamberlain and accusing him of appeasing Moscow because Reagan was working to improve relations with Kremlin leaders. This is now the heart of Democratic Party politics:…

Twitter Web App : When Ronald Reagan negotiated arms control deals with the Kremlin & urged detente with Gorbachev, the pro-war Hard Right (eg Howard Phillips and Newt Gingrich) accused him of being a Useful Idiot for Russia if not an active agent:……

Twitter Web App : I'm actually glad Democrats are falling in line so adoringly and reverently behind all the Bush/Cheney scumbags who spent years smearing people as Traitors and Terrorist-lovers -- Rick Wilson, Bill Kristol, David Frum, etc. etc. -- because it's clarifying about what the Party is.

Twitter Web App : This is similar to the most deranged, xenophobic, reckless Cold War hysteria that the John Birch Society used to deploy for decades against liberals, and half the liberals in my timeline are re-tweeting and cheering this dangerous idiocy. They're like Dr. Strangelove caricatures.…

Twitter Web App : The U.S. military has been fighting in Afghanistan for almost nineteen years. House Democrats, working in tandem with key pro-war GOP lawmakers such as Rep. Liz Cheney, are ensuring that continues, writes Glenn Greenwald.