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Bio ❤️ travel, animals & Take That. 🦔 Self funded Hedgehog rehabilitator 4yrs+. In partnership with @hedgehogtorfaen🦔Donate via paypal.me/HedgehogTorfaen
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iPhone : Bunker is having a medicated bath for his poorly leg. It softens is scabs so I can better reach the infection underneath and also poo that gets stuck on the wound when he curls....

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iPhone : If you are wondering if its worth bothering putting water out for wildlife each evening.. well here’s your answer !😀 this little one is definitely using the H2O facilities provided . (⫩)Helen Hedgehogs 🦔 Jane Hugh Warwick #hedgehogsafterdark #hedgehogs

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iPhone : Urgent Advice

DO NOT add salt and honey or sugar to the water for hedgehogs
it isn't required and could

1. Concentrate the salt due to evaporation and be dangerous to hedgehogs.
2. Overseas Honey can contain… instagram.com/p/CAzbYcSHb3-/…

iPhone : Just drying my wing #bird #blackbird

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