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Son of a refugee. Sr reporter @wnyc. Co-hosting Trump Inc. podcast, produced with @ProPublica. DMs open.

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Twitter Web App : no cooperation agreement

sentencing 2/8/2020

quite a thing for a guilty plea, connected with a pro-Trump super PAC, just days before the election

Twitter Web App : gov't factual proffer: investors put $100's of thousands into Fraud Guarantee, on the assurance the money would only be used to grow the business

Parnas and Correia then spent the $ on cars and other personal expenses

(not mentioned: Fraud Guarantee also paid Rudy $500k)

Twitter Web App : per plea agreement Correia may receive
33-41 months imprisonment
up to $150k in fines
to be determined at a later date by judge

Twitter Web App : under judge's questioning, says...
his name like "Korea"
45 years old
did not complete college

Twitter Web App : Correia will plead guilty to counts 2 and 7, Judge Oetken says in telephone hearing

Count 2 - false statements to FEC
Count 7 - conspiracy (around Fraud Guarantee)

Twitter Web App : emails show that a top Federal Election Commission official "engaged in derogatory exchanges about Ellen Weintraub, a Democratic FEC commissioner, and Fred Wertheimer, one of the country’s leading advocates for campaign finance reform"…

Twitter Web App : Rancho Cucamonga
Rio Rancho
too many to mention…

Android : NY Mag + Trump Inc is a great combo!

Check out the special collaboration:…

Twitter Web App : Super helpful chart that answers the question, how long will vote counting take? Here are estimates/deadlines in all 50 states from The Upshot…

Android : Attention, homo sapiens, we have now left the Holocene - the stable climate period in which you thrived, developed agriculture and built cities. (Figure from the IPCC Special Report of 2018,…)

Twitter Web App : "Die Moderatoren Ilya Marritz und Andrea Bernstein strahlen einen angenehmen Daueroptimismus während der Recherchen aus, transportieren Erkenntnisse, Haltung, Skepsis, Kritik und Zweifel in Erzählung und Interviews"

VIELEN DANK! Daueroptimusmus is *exactly* what we're going for…