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iPhone : In recent days, 1 person was killed in Seattle and 2 people were injured in Bloomington, Indiana, after people drove their cars into protesters. Supporters of far-right organizations have been circulating memes and slogans encouraging such attacks. nyti.ms/2VWoduK

iPhone : by railing against mail-in voting, Trump is polarizing Republicans *against* it and Democrats *for* it in states where it already exists. he may be actively reducing his own vote share. it is wild!

iPhone : the most reliable phenomenon of the Trump era is the way he can immediately polarize any issue. that can be politically advantageous if used wisely, or it can be an utter disaster, as we may see here. twitter.com/mjs_dc/status/…

iPhone : yes, duckworth — who literally sacrificed limb for this country — is not a serious person, unlike the frozen food heir turned cable news demagogue and the social media manager for the daily “oops looks like we hired another white nationalist” caller twitter.com/greg_price11/s…

iPhone : the “Nuke Em” commercial is hilarious and also serves to underscore the argument of this film, which is that violence pulses through every aspect of american life

iPhone : this is one of those scripts that has no extraneous parts. every single bit of dialogue, every action sequence, everything is in service of character and story. it’s perfect.

iPhone : one of the film’s most memorable sequences comes early on when ED-209 — the robot designed to replace human cops and help OCP turn a profit — kills the executive, whose bloody, bullet-ridden body falls on the gleaming white model of the company’s plans for urban “revitalization.”