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Bio Web Designer & Developer Advocate, fighting for the health of the web. Member of CSS Working Group.
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iPhone : I just saw Jen Simmons github profile. There is a project 960gridgridgrid.
I started exploring it. Css file will be the main thing here, I thought. As I continue reading the file this how my expressions go...

Twitter Web App : i promise you nobody gives a damn about your tech nonsense right now.

iPhone : My eyes welled with tears viewing this. It shows a turning point in the war that Trump is waging. That’s not hyperbole. Destabilizing the election. Press freedoms compromised. Steel yourself. Expect more of this. Then ask yourself: what will you do?

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Twitter Web App : Romanulus I'm not talking bout CSS. I'm talking about the people dying at the hands of the government — from violence, from neglect. Assault & virus. Meanwhile, people are hurting financially while those in power use it as an opportunity to steal. And alter govt further in their interests.

iPhone : Mark Zuckerberg created a website to rank his female classmates by their appearance and it ended up destroying democracy, in case you're wondering about the consequences of toxic masculinity

iPhone : Here’s video of an undercover cop in Minneapolis smashing windows while a member of the community tries to stop him…

Twitter Web App : CSS-Tricks I meant to say on today’s ShopTalk (coming out next week), that there are multiple ways to write the number value.
`aspect-ratio: 4 / 3;`
is the same thing as
`aspect-ratio: 1.3333 / 1;`
but who wants that?
So this also works:
`aspect-ratio: 1.3333;`
(also a film industry thing)

Twitter Web App : A First Look at `aspect-ratio`…

Twitter Web App : Chris Coyier I delete "follow for follow!" type spam. And any spam. I also delete every comment about physical appearances (no matter the poster's intentions).

Twitter for iPad : “What Amy Cooper did was the very definition of racism: She did mean to harm Christian Cooper. And it was because of his race.”

From columnist @abcarianlat:…

Twitter Web App : “Amy Cooper was able to dial up 400 years of racial oppression and violence on her phone more easily than I am able to order a pizza.”…

iPhone : Also, hey doctors, researchers, nurses.... do you get this yet? Can you explain what is going on yet?


iPhone : Yesterday: Yay, it’s been a really long time (oh just 4 days) since I’ve run a fever, even the ones that last only a short time. Maybe I’m past that part of this whole thing? Phew.

Today: consistent 99.4 - 99.9 F fever. All day. For hours.

Fuck you COVID.