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iPhone : Queer people are made up of every minority, and that includes our black brothers and sisters. We will only be equal when we are ALL equal.

This year, we are partnering for #Pride with Southern Poverty Law Center and their #YallMeansAll campaign. "Y'all Means All" seeks to rally every member and

iPhone : This #Pride month, it is impossible for any LGBTQ person to not reflect on the riots at Stonewall -led in large part by transgender women of color -- as we bear witness to nationwide protests about the systemic racism against black people.

iPhone : This #Pride, we’re celebrating the diversity, creativity and resilience of #LGBTQ communities in the #DeepSouth and across the country. We’re honoring those who have fought and are fighting for justice. We’re continuing to protect and advance the rights of LGBTQ people.

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iPhone : Hey LA! Pride will now be June 14th in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. We can’t wait to get together and make noise! ❤️…

iPhone : Join us in supporting the LGBTQ community. Take the #YallMeansAll pledge to refuse white supremacy and support our shared vision of uplifting LGBTQ people in the Deep South and across the country.

iPhone : Friends in Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Montana. Today is your primary day. Please remember to #vote today. RT

iPhone : Standing alongside black citizens as a white person is a privilege that I proudly exercise as a member of the human race. In the same way that I didn’t expect those who supported me to arrive with a full tool box of knowledge, I know that I too have a lot to learn.

iPhone : I know what it means to have people who don’t fully understand your plight stand alongside you. The LGBTQ community achieved huge equality strides from the momentum and support that our allies provided us.

iPhone : Mike, dude, you also condemned peaceful protests. When THEY knelt it wasn’t on the necks of others. I’m not sure what you or your “boss” are expecting from our black Americans right now. They tried to push back peacefully & their graceful attempts were rejected. #BlacklivesMater…

iPhone : The virus of racist violence against black trans people in the country has got to stop. Now. #BlackLivesMatter…