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iPhone : CNN: The US Postal Service plans to remove hundreds of high-volume mail-processing machines from facilities across the country, leading some postal workers to fear they may have less capacity to process mail during election season.…

iPhone : Kelly Loeffler and her husband Jeffrey Sprecher each gave $750,000 to the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future in 2012. She was also a max-out donor to the Romney campaign.

In fact, on October 16, 2012 (first image), Loeffler cut the Romney Super PAC a check for $100,000.…

iPhone : If things drag into September, as is likely, it could be folded into a fight over keeping the government open, making prospects of a shutdown and standoff over the stimulus a possibility. Asked McConnell today if he’s worried about a shutdown next month, and his response: “No.”

iPhone : Best start in franchise history since 1907. Best record in baseball…

iPhone : President Trump and Melania Trump have both requested their mail-in ballots. They were sent in the mail to the first family yesterday, per the Palm Beach County Elections website. President Trump has railed against mail in voting, including today. First reported by USA Today.

iPhone : Frank Wuco, who regularly promoted conspiracy theories about former President Barack Obama and officials in his administration, is now serving as an adviser at the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM), a source familiar tells CNN.

iPhone : USPS “warned Pennsylvania that mail ballots may not be delivered on time to be counted because the state’s deadlines are too tight for its ‘delivery standards,’ casting fresh doubt on Pennsylvania’s ability to conduct much of the 2020 election by mail.”…

iPhone : Greene said Tuesday: “I want to say to Nancy Pelosi, she’s a hypocrite, shes an anti-American and we're gonna kick that b*tch out of Congress.” Tonight, Greene, who is likely to win her House race, has no regrets:…

iPhone : As Trump attacks Biden’s call to mandate masks, Fox News poll finds an overwhelming majority - 74% - favor “requiring everyone in the United States to wear a face mask when they are outside of their home,” versus 21% opposed.…

iPhone : Asked Thursday if he believed Congress could pass legislation before September, GOP Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas told me: "An actual law? I don't know. Maybe that's too much to ask."

iPhone : Collins told WGME in Maine she disagrees “very strongly” with Trump on this. “Now is not the time to be cutting back services,” saying she disagrees “very strongly” with the President, calling the Postal Service “absolutely essential.”

iPhone : Susan Collins tells Postmaster General she has concerns about delays in mail delivery, saying if changes aren’t made it’ll “undermine public trust in the USPS and ultimately harm its long-term financial viability.”…

iPhone : Trump says “no, not at all” when asked if the USPS should reverse policies that Democrats say will make it harder to deliver ballots on time

iPhone : New: Federal judge in Pennsylvania orders Trump campaign & GOP to produce any evidence of vote-by-mail fraud in the state by Friday. The order, in a high-profile case about vote-by-mail, forces campaign to back up Trump’s false claims about massive fraud in postal voting.

iPhone : This came of course after Trump spent a bulk of his press conference at the WH, an official event, attacking Joe Biden

iPhone : Dr. Francis Collins, director of NIH, said Thursday during a media call with Operation Warp Speed leadership that the US should not expect to see an approved vaccine by October.

iPhone : Trump claims foreign governments are calling his administration “constantly for advice” over handling of pandemic. And his message on masks are they could be helpful and “maybe they’re not so good...What do you have to lose?”