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iPhone : the one positive here is that i successfully drank my water without incident. but man, i had my spiel ready to GO. so a warning to all, never come at me for raw dogging air when i drink water. i boredom rehearsed this fake argument the entire ride and you *will* get rekt.

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iPhone : anyways i tried to get video but the plane was freaking loud and you can’t hear shit. i also got cursed to a middle seat so i was trying to be sneaky with my screen because i was between his girlfriend and some lady reading trevor noah 🥴

iPhone : well now he’s disobeying direct orders from staff so they made note of his seat when we were disembarking and i’m pretty sure he’s banned from united. but hey spite may have been worth it to him. so both parties here ended up being the asshole in some way. what a whirlwind.

iPhone : now water dude i’m pretty sure is purposefully eating slow to piss off mask guy for what he said to him earlier. so after the announcement he still continues munching. at this point the flight attendants have told him to put it on and he like half wears it then takes it off.

iPhone : OK SO the tea. 4x on the flight mask guy complained to attendants about water dude having his mask down eating different snacks. at first they brushed him off but i think they got fed up with him bugging them so they made an announcement saying we had to remask between each bite

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iPhone : Jessica O’Donnell they’re doing cabin service, at least they did my flight here, so the thing is everyone is gonna raw dog the air at some point. will he be able to live? will he just screech at the whole plane?

iPhone : K.B. Mensah im tweeting on my personal account an incident i thought was ridiculous. 80% of the internet is venting and bitching. get the fuck over yourself.

iPhone : i don’t know if he has a clear view of where i’m sitting but if he even so much as speaks to me in that whiny bitch tone when i go to drink my water........ good luck sir. good luck.

iPhone : HOLY SHIT im on a united flight and while this dude was actively drinking water, this guy tapped him and was like “hey can you wear a mask i rather not die for your convenience. nose too.” SHOCKED water dude kept his cool but god im stuck next to this mask bitch for 2 hours now